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Hello from Oklahoma. I am currently shopping for a F-150 3.0 PowerStroke and am looking for those big cahones to go ahead and pull the trigger...lol. However, I did drive a super nice King Ranch the other night but idk if I can justify spending 60k on a half ton pickup haha. Someone on here go ahead and make me sign the dotted line!

On another note I was wondering about the warranty on the 3.0. I had replied to a post earlier on that topic but it hasn’t been active for quite a while so I’ll just copy and paste it below.

If anyone has any input for me then thanks in advance! And I hope I can get the courage up to close this deal!

Copied from earlier post: “I am very interested in this topic also. I have been shopping for a 3.0 babystroke for a while now and keep hearing rumors of 5 or 6 year/100,000 mile warranty on the power train.
All of the window stickers I have looked at just state the regular warranties (3yr/36,000 bumper to bumper, 5yr/60,000 powertrain, and 5yr/60,000 roadside assist).
Can anyone that has closed a deal on one of these sweet rides confirm whether or not the 3.0 powerstroke has a longer warranty like big bro 6.7?
It would be a good selling point for me if it did considering 2018 is the first year for the 3.0 in the F-150 and it is still yet to be proven over a long period. I know it has been running in overseas vehicles for quite a while but I heard that Ford made some tweaks before dropping it in the F-150.
Pretty much I am trying to have y’all talk me into this sweet King Ranch I drove the other night...lol. Any and all input is appreciated! 👍”

P.S. Sorry for the super long post!
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