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Ford Extended Warranty

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So given all the major issues with the 3.0L, egr, oil coolers, etc. has anyone on this forum successfully had Ford provide a complimentary ESP on their truck?? I called Ford weeks ago when this oil cooler debacle started and raised **** and requested an ESP to cover future problems likely arising from these recalls, etc and I got NOTHING but lip service. All they claimed to do was to try to expedite the parts... And that's working famously... dealer quoted parts availability at the end of July, Ford got involved and now it's the end of August... Thanks for your help Ford.....

Actually, since the dealer inspected the oil cooler/filter to diagnose the problem I have not received a low oil pressure warning. I wondering if the simple act of removing the canister fixed the issue even though they reported the anti-siphon valve was "deflected" but it must be working otherwise the warning would persist. I'm contemplating just leaving it alone as the cure might be worse than the disease..? Not sure how this would if at all affect the 5yr/60K powertrain warranty? If I keep the truck I'm going to get a Flood ESP so maybe this might be the way to go. I have this real concern that replacing the oil cooler is going to breed new problems.
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I have never had an extended warranty. @jmperlik has done a lot of research on these. I also have not heard of Ford offering one for issues with our trucks, but hopefully someone will have better news.

The rubber stopper can (in my opinion) become dislodged sideways and either self reset or be pushed back into place. Note this photo from earlier showing the stopper top and the large circular spring. Also note the attachment point of the spring, the "X" shaped place opposite of the blue arrow. It is relatively easy to pop the spring up and remove it, then pop it back into place. I have done this. I would be reluctant to do all the oil cooler replacement unless it is absolutely necessary.

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