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Ford F150 Plant Stops Production

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The Kansas City Assembly Plant is going to stop producing the new F150 for a while so they can increase the plant's production capacity most likely in preparation for the 2017 model year F150 pickup trucks.

Apparently the down time was planned for fall this year but they moved the schedule up. Maybe this means we'll be seeing the diesel F150 earlier than expected.
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The diesel F150 sakle period will probably remain unchanged but this means we could be seeing a fully uncovered production model soon and this will give Ford more time to streamline the production process and fix any bugs they find.
According to bloomberg, Ford originally said that they were closing the plant down to “align our capacity with consumer demand.”

Later they said it was to adjust the plant's body shop and paint operations. So I'm not quite sure if any equipment has been specifically updated for the diesel f150 or if ford just wanted to fix a production problem.
Why not both? If they're closing the plant anyways, I don't see why they can upgrade their equipment in preparation for the F150 diesel.

The big question is, will they even build the F150 diesel at that plant?
I would assume so since the plant is already producing the outgoing F150s, may as well make it their main F150 production facility.

What's interesting is that the plant is capable of building up an inventory of 288,000 F-Series trucks, that's a 105-day supply when most would stick with a 60 day supply.
Seems to me like they are already prepared for the next model year's production.
Streamlining the whole process by doing that is the best thing, saves them cost from having to move things or retool, making all those changes won't be cheap at all. Plus that production plant seems to be running well, rather keep it their knowing what to expect in the future.
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