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Just ran across this informative YouTube video about all of the options Ford is pulling from its 2023 F150 models:
  • Most notably is the removal of the beloved Auto Start-Stop (ASS) feature
    • First item discussed in video
    • Hoping it never comes back
  • Removal of Heated Steering wheel? Really?
  • A lot of the others are new-fangled options they must have supply chain issues with procuring
    • Kinda surprising since my 2018 doesn't have most of these newer options
    • Assuming these started showing up in 2021 and 2022 models, in the midst of COVID supply-chains issues?

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Last September I ordered a 2023 Ford Maverick hybrid. They still haven’t completed all the orders from October 2021. Every 45 days I get an email telling me it still has not been scheduled.

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When you shut down the world for Two Years it takes time to get everything back to normal. Parts suppliers have been playing catch up for a while now. I ordered parts for an overhaul on a pair of Fairbanks 12 cylinder opposed piston engines. I’m looking at 350- 500 day lead times for parts delivery. No one has inventory. Computer chips are still In short supply. Apple offered me more for my old very tired and bent phone than I paid for it just so they can recycle the chips.
ASS I’ll gladly give Ford the parts that make it work out of my truck…
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