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I have a 2018 F150 Lariat 3.0 Diesel

I have this reader and just downloaded FORScan two days ago - 2.3.28 beta - not the extended version

OHP Wifi FORScan OBD2 Adapter for Windows, Android & iOS, Ford Diagnostic Scan Tool, ELM327 Code Reader, with MS-CAN / HS-CAN Switch ---I dont have enough posts or I would post a link---

It allowed me to to change/put temps above gauges, Lincoln style folding mirrors, delete two honk exit with keys in hand while running and diesel particulate filter percentage. Now it’s throwing the standard, I think, clone errors when I try and do “global windows” and “passenger enabled changes in the navigation screen while moving.”

If I was able to do all the mods that I did...could it still be a clone?

Sorry if this is answered already.



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@carapace - back out the changes one-by-one in the reverse order you applied or revert back to factory ABT files that you saved before making any updates to get back to a working state:
=> If you choose the former method, you will know what change cause the conflict once you can save without conflicts
=> If you chose the latter method, you will need to plot all changes down on paper and see which ones intersect the same category/module/file
=> Since the values in the spreadsheet were found from experimenting, there may be changes in the same module that can't co-exist = pick which single change you want as the winner
=> If all else fails, ask your dealer to flash you back to original factory settings
I haven't encountered any Save conflicts, so the FORScan forums are you last line of defense for a definitive answer.
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