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Should Ford include Fuel Filters in their general *Works package>

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Every other oil change?
How many miles do you go between changes?
Ford interval is 30k miles.
Some members here are choosing to do 15k filter changes due to personal preference/experience.

Personally in do mine every 30k km(Canadian here) / 18k miles which is roughly every 3 oil changes for my driving conditions.

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When you are excited for the truck, and you have waited for the diesel motor, you forget to ask and they conveniently forget to inform you of the extra added expensive necessary maintenance costs than your trade in model (2015)
Sounds more to me like exuberance trumped basic new vehicle research & understanding what you are getting into -- this is why I tried to provide an honest assessment in @XraySierra's Would you buy again? survey.

If you are expecting a Ford (or any other manufacturer) salesperson to fill you in on details you forgot to ask about during pre-purchase or warn you of any downsides of a vehicle, then I don't think you understand how new vehicle sales work and why car salespeople have such a bad reputations.

I'm willing to give you and the rest of us the benefit-of-the-doubt on the short regen cycle for city driving style on this new/unknown engine platform, but there is no such thing as a clean diesel and I was aware from basic research that diesels require more maintenance than their gasoline powered equivalent.

I'll agree that Ford's Fuel Filter and Oil change schedules for the F150 PSD are more aspirational than actual -- I think they do this more for competitive comparisons and to stretch the F150 PSD intervals to be consistent with their gasoline brothers, which is where we get into the real world "normal driving" vs "ideal driving" definition semantics.

So are you saying Ford should pay for your mistake/oversight? Welcome to the real world, as there is no such thing as a free lunch...

Ford does offer FordProtect Maintenance plans (ESP) where you can pay Ford upfront for future service based on the prescribed maintenance schedule. I bought a 8yr/100K for my 2018 PSD w/5K oil change intervals and have already decided that I don't think Ford's prescribed "normal driving" maintenance schedule are adequate for Fuel Filters or Transmission fluid change intervals; therefore, I'll be paying out-of-pocket for these to be changed ahead-of-schedule for what I feel is appropriate for my "normal driving" patterns.

I am with @Tuck3r and changing my fuel filters every 3rd oil change service (3 x 5K miles = 15K miles) ahead of Ford's recommended maintenance schedule due to factors discussed here: Poor fuel economy & rough shift = fuel filter
  • If your dealer is recommending changing fuel filters every 10K miles (assuming 5K oil change intervals), then they may be upselling you and replacing earlier than necessary to pad their Service profits.
  • If your dealer is recommending changing fuel filters every 15K miles (assuming 7.5K oil change intervals), this is not unreasonable as several members (including me) feel more comfortable changing earlier
    • Changing at 15K interval is required for those using Bio-diesel mixes
  • If your dealer is sticking with the recommended change at 30K miles, then be aware you may be running close to the end-of-service life and may hit the Limp mode situation that @FUGAZI encountered above at 32K miles
  • Quality of ULSD in the US varies quite a bit & contains a lot more water content as we found out in the above thread
What Ford won't tell you, but I will tell you here is that if you get a bad batch of diesel with high water content and water makes it past the Water Separator, that water will literally cut your engine apart flowing thru fuel injectors working at 29K PSI = Look up some YouTube videos on high-pressure WaterJets.

In this case (water contamination past Water Separator), do NOT expect any relief from Ford regardless of how new vehicle is or what warranties you might have in place, as they will void them due to poor fuel supply. For these reasons, I run Standayne diesel fuel additives to address inconsistent fuel quality and ULSD Lubricity deficiencies, along with the 15K Fuel Filter change intervals.

Caveat Emptor

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Of course... they love to sell you filters and un-nessesary high margin items. My dealer told me i needed a new air filter, when i just put one in 10,000 miles before and the restriction indicator hasn't even moved off 100%. It's just what they do.

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I am at my local dealer and they reminded me that the fuel filters are recommended every other oil change. Of course with good intent to maintain my truck, I asked them to do what they suggested to keep me in compliance of my warranty. It is going to $190. Now granted, it is worth it to me because I am not prepared to do it myself, but just wondering if everyone is experiencing this. When you are excited for the truck, and you have waited for the diesel motor, you forget to ask and they conveniently forget to inform you of the extra added expensive necessary maintenance costs than your trade in model (2015)

Thanks Gang!
I changed mine at 30k miles. All is well. I’m sure the change interval is affected by the fuel you buy and where you buy it. In the NE the fuel is pretty good and I buy mine at fast turn stations.

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Another good reason to do the oil and fuel filter changes yourself: I got lazy today and took my 2018 F-150 KR to the dealer for oil, oil filter, and fuel filter changes. $192 for parts, $222 for labor for a total bill of $425. Ouch. Lesson learned.
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