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Fueling surprise

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Pulled into to a truck stop for fuel and surprise!!! The pump nozzle doesn’t fit into our F150!!! WTF!!! What genius designed this? Had to go to a auto diesel station. Ford will hear about this!!!
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that sucks
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I bought my first VW diesel a 2006 Jetta in 2007 and experienced this the first time I went to buy fuel. I didn't realize you could buy diesel at the regular pumps with the cars. 282K miles later this is NOT a problem. Just don't go pretend being a Semi as those nossels are WAY bigger and most fuel stations will have diesel at the regular pumps where all the gasoline engines go to fuel up. I take delivery of my 2018 Diesel King Ranch Friday can't wait.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.
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Niko, I picked up new 2018 King Ranch diesel Wed night, and I can't stop wanting to go drive it. Absolutely love the truck! You're going to have an awesome Friday--have fun!
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I am going to swap out the 26 gallon OEM tank for the Titan 48 gallon tank when it becomes available in April. As part of this swap out, I was going to see if I could get a fueling inlet to facilitate the larger nozzle. Not that I plan to go fill up where the big rigs do, but if I ever found myself where I need diesel and it isn't available in car lanes that I wouldn't have to hassle with it. Even some of the car lane diesel nozzles I have found don't fit in as far as others at some other stations--it seems there is a difference between fuel station brands on this.
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There is an open discussion in this forum on the upcoming 48 gallon replacement tank from Titan -->

You need to have the long bed 6.5' to swap out for the Titan tank--if you have the short bed 5.5' then you are out of luck. The Titan website page has "short bed" on the page, but that is an error, as I confirmed with Titan that you must have the 6.5' bed.
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