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It is awesome! I got the 502 Lariet package with the huge sun roof. I also got the 3.31 rear end with the 20 inch crome wheels. Drove it down from north Georgia to the gulf coast today for vacation. Even with a ton of traffic due to the 4th and running between 70 - 80 MPG on the way down I averaged 25.8 MPG in Eco mode. It has really good pickup and very quick. Not much turbo lag at all. It is also super quiet. I had the Colorado Durmax 2.8 liter and it’s night and day when it comes to power and how much quieter it is. I will be pulling my camper with in in two weeks which is 5500 lbs so that will be my first chance towing with it. Will update once that happens. Overall I am extremely happy with it. I could have got the same finishing in a 250 for about the same price but half the fuel economy and I really didn’t want a truck as big as the 250, which is why I waited the grueling six months for this one.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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