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Ham Radio HF-Noise Issues?

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Hi, Gang!

I am an avid Ham Radio HF operator, and plan to install an Icom IC-7300 HF radio in a new F-150 Power Stroke diesel. However, I have heard horrendous horror stories about terrible noise problems experienced by installed mobile HF radios in Ford F-150 Power Stroke equipped trucks. Can anyone confirm this HF noise issue, or better yet, refute it? I have no idea what to believe, as sometimes 14 year old kids sitting on their beds in their parent's basement can post a bunch of bs, just for kicks and laughs.

OTOH, is there any Ham HF enthusiast here who has experience with a Ham HF radio installed in a very late model F-450 Super Duty Power Stroke? I'm more than willing to 'up the ante' from an F-150 power Stroke to an F-450 Power Stroke, if that's necessary to get a quiet HF diesel motor, assuming that's even possible in the first place.

Any help will be much appreciated!

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The last mobile HF I had was installed in a 1993 Crown Vic, and it really had a big noise problem. Back then diesels were quiet as they had no spark system, but now who knows? I just acquired a motorhome and am thinking of putting in a Yaesu FT897. WG8D
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