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Well I tell ya what, they finally developed my dream truck. Ive been ford fan since 2006 when I got my first fx4, but we have ran ford diesels all of my life in my family.

So FINALLY, after having some repairs go back and forth on my 2013 f150 5.0, I decided to start looking around. I loved my Coyote, but I drive alot to ranches in South Texas as a second job, and I needed something that was gonna get me a bit more reliability since my Coyote has 137k.

Not wanting to miss out on the resale value, I started looking around and lo and behold, I found this brand spankin new FX4 hiding in a tiny South Texas town where (crazy stuff) some of the workers actually knew who my grandfather was. So it was destiny. First mods I did was had them put my Goodyear Duratracs from my old truck onto this one, hit it with some 5% tint in the rear, and took off the decals and dealer badges to clean it up.
Next cosmetic look will be NightShading the red on the tail lights and 3rd brake light and some LED upgrades for the heads and tails.

Finally having a diesel that fits in my garage has been a dream come true! Now to explore around this site to see what I can learn about potential upgrades and proper maintenance from yall diesel gurus!

Hello from San Antonio!


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