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Hello all,
I recently installed Hellwig Part Number: 61607 Pro Series helper springs onto my F150 Lariat, 3.0L Short box.

Why not sumo? Well, for several reasons; primarily because I could not locate any "progressive rate/data" other than the max load for the sumo types. I was looking for something that is active all the time to help with sway and body roll. The sumos, "to my understanding" are only active when a load is applied. In my case this was a strike against the sumos as it would not be assisting in body roll when nothing is on my hitch or occupying bed space. (2 strikes)
In addition I was also wanting to increase the pay load capability and keep the truck more level when my utility quad is onboard or when I get a load of rock at the pit. Considering other options; air bag which I really did not want the hassle of and the costs was more than I wanted to spend. This left the old style leaf assist setup method.

I highly considered SuperSprings but in the end I found it difficult to find data from the true manufacture. Where as Hellwig everything can be found on one website, plus when I called customer support they were easy to reach, talk too and frankly more respectful of me as a customer which I take note of and appreciate. So Hellwig won my money.

Prior to purchase I found one video on tube that reported these springs increased the rear ride height while unloaded. I decided to take my own measurements for comparison. From concrete floor to top of wheel well at eyeball 90 degrees from ground.
Before Install (at top of wheel well)After Install (at top of wheel well)Difference
Right Rear38 1/2"39 3/16"11/16"
Left Rear39 1/2"40"1/2"

I don't think a 3/16th difference between left to right is all to bad.

Things one should know about this kit.
1. Great Springs, robust and nice quality finish for road wear.
2. Hardware kit is awful. I read about this on other sites and videos, they were correct. My kit was missing several nuts 1/2 & 9/16 and the same for the lock nuts.
I called customer support per the giant warning note included on the box. Support is sending replacement hardware. In the mean time I went down to my Ace hardware and bought some.
3. The U-bolts, the threads specifically. I had to run a 1/2 NF die over half of them just to get the non lock nut to spin on correctly. The low quality of machine work is very noticable on all the U-bolts I received in the kit.
4. Instructions could be more clear on the installation of the nuts. I know many of us just use a impact gun but I was taking my time and frankly I was enjoying spending the day with my son. The instructions should make clear that their recommended torque value is the lock nut against the non lock nut. I say this because if you use their recommended torque against the non locknut contacting the cross plate. The plate will either bend or you strip the threads. Again hardware kit is awful and back to the store for a new u-bolt.

Despite my issues with the hardware I was able to get everything tightened down fairly snug. For the two outer u-bolts holding the pretension I tightened the nuts until the u-bolt could not wiggle by hand.

Conclusion: So far I like the springs. There is a noticeable reduction in the amount of body roll. Near my residence is a mutli sloped hill that always jars me around in the cab if you don't slow down for the stop sign. So I practiced there... I could feel the rear end was more stiff than normal. At nearly the same time the front end felt like it dipped down a bit more or perhaps slightly harder than before. I'm not sure if this is due to the rear being more stiff or perhaps the addition of the spring kit highlighting how soft the stock front is. For the typical smaller bumps and slopes the springs do help.
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