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Icon Stage 5 Fronts installed/ Returned the Bilstein 5100's

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My Icon Adjustable coilovers were installed today. I was very disappointed in the Bilstein 5100 setup that I had previously installed. The truck dipped swayed and rolled all over with the Bilsteins. This coilover setup makes the truck handle like a dream. No lateral movement in curves. corners or road imperfections. I got the stage 5 adjustables, and they're set at the #7. I tried to save some money, by not going with coilovers, but the results were dismal. Now I've got the traveling truck I can live with. Yay.. ;)

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Any idea on what the spring rates are on these? I hear you on the 5100s, i had them on my 16 lariat 3.5 and, while a big improvement over stock, after 20k miles on them, pretty soft. Picking up a 19 Platinum PS at the weekend so looking around for good options for uprating the suspension
You might give the Rancho Quicklift RS9000's a look, I been using these for several yrs on a tacoma and love em, I got all 4 set at 7 and they ride stiff there which is what I want, I tow a lot too. Otherwise I would drop them to 4-5.
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