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Just Bought in Saturday

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Just bought this Saturday but I haven’t taken delivery yet because of the EGR recall. They should have it completed tomorrow. Looking forward to putting some miles on it.
I’m a long time F-150 owner, but I’ve been in a Sierra for the last 2 years. I will miss the power of the 6.2L, but not the 14 mpg.


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very nice welcome! We are seeing a ton of new members lately as the trucks sell! I am also seeing alot more being driven around town every day.
@Meek One glad to see you come back to the blue oval and welcome to the forum! The way my truck has been performing, I am doubting I will ever see as low as 14 mpg even with towing my Ranger boat this summer--so you will be really happy with your new truck over the 6.2L Sierra. We had some bad weather this past weekend and I was in 4H going ~55 mph and was getting ~26-27 mpg for a 30 mile stretch--this is not the norm, but I think I had a stretch of highway with a slow decline or mostly decline over that stretch. If you are easy on the speed these 3.0's sip on the fuel.
I came from the 6.2 liter ford product and 14 mpg does stink, you will love the truck
I came from a tuned 6.6 Duramax and you won't be lacking any power man. I can hardly tell much a difference in power from my old truck on a 50 hp tow tune to the new truck stock. These trucks have a really great torque curve and don't feel lacking in power by any means. I will update that review once the boat is behind it though! I don't expect it to be equal in the towing category to my 3/4 ton but I have hopes it will be close for just dragging around a boat!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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