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Long wait is over

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After a LOOOOOONG wait my F150 is at home ....pick up the the truck today, first impressions - its awesome.

Been on you tube videos - The dealer did a lousy job the the check out , - I would think that a " dedicated" person who knows the features would be in order. I think I got the janitor.....


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Wow, what a beauty. I washed mine today with the key fob in my pocket. Every time my hand got near either front door the door locked or unlocked and the mirrors folded in. Lesson learned to leave the fob in the house.
@RLVoumard - congrats Rodney! I told you the wait would be worth it!
Rodney, great to hear your long wait is finally over! Now you may be like the rest of us and put a 1000 miles on in the first week because you enjoy it so much and can't stop driving it!
Thanks to all... The forum and all who post have already be a great help. And YES headed out today for a Sunday drive...I am blow away by all the features of / on this truck. I will be learning for a while ---
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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