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Hello 3.0 Power stroke owners,
I have a Land Rover Garage in New Zealand called Stag 4x4. Would anyone be able to recommend a Scrap yard/Auto Wreckers in the USA that sell these 3.0 Engines.
The Land Rover have used this Engine since 2009 in The Discovery 4, Range Rover Sport right through to 2021.
I require about 10 Engines. The Generation 2 that the F150 share we have worked out how to use in the Gen 1 cars.
Regards Morris Turner. My website is www.stag4x4.co.nz

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Welcome, Morris. 10 engines is a tall mountain to climb, hope you are successful. They must be out there but I see slim pickings. i had seen a few on LKQ parts but I don't see them today, I did see 1 in condition A on car-part-com at the price of $7,000. If I see some others I will let you know.

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