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Max Trailer Tow package?

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Has anyone been able to order this package yet on one? All 4 of ours coming to my dealer were ordered with the regular Trailer Tow Package. Assuming the packages are the same across the F-150 line up This would mean none of them are being offered with an engine oil cooler or integrated trailer brake controller.
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Max tow package is only available with the 3.5 EcoBoost. You can't get it with any other engine.

Part of the max tow is the 36 gallon fuel tank but from what I've heard the DEF tank uses the space so you can't get the 36 gallon tank with the diesel at all.

I ordered mine with the tow package and made sure to get the brake controller as well.
So being kind of new to trucks, and diesels, would the diesel not need the engine oil cooler like the ecoboost gasser?
There is the chance that all of the diesels will come with an oil cooler. But if they don't, it will be because the engine doesn't need it.

I suspect the EcoBoost needs the aux cooler because it pushes the thermal envelope when towing heavy under high boost.

The diesel will have been designed from the ground up to be pushed hard already.
Here are excerpts from the most recent ordering guide for 53A (TTP) and 53C (MTTP). Biggest difference is TTP doesn’t have the IBC, electronic locking rearend, upgraded bumper or 36 gal fuel tanker. Both have oil coolers for all engines except 3.3L.


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