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Might buy New F-150 diesel?

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Hi all...

I've owned many ford trucks...

1975 F-100 5.0L, 1996 F-150 extended cab 5.0L, 1998 F-150 extended cab 4.6L, 2002 F-350 Crew Cab diesel 7.3L, 2013 F-150 V-6 Ecoboost, 2014 F-150 V-8 and I currently own a F-250 6.7L.

I've also owned many ford cars (and other brands too) along with these trucks...I'm 52 years old. My point is I've ALWAYS been a Ford truck fan/owner.

I traded my FAVORITE 2014 F-150 w/5.0 V-8 for my current F-250. I SO MISS my F-150...

I own a 28ft 5th Wheel (weighs 7650lbs) and I tow my fishing boat 17fter (2000lbs?) behind the 5th wheel. I had a similar set up when I owned my 2002 F-350.

My question...Do you think a new F-150 diesel will pull my current set up? the 8000lb 5ver w/a 2000lb boat behind it? My F-250 pulls it like a dream.

I just HATE my F-250 as a daily driver...it rides rough, it's SO tall that my 5th wheel has to cranked up almost all the way to hook it up. It's hard for me to get in & out of...I just had rotator cuff surgery. I loved my 02' F-350...what gives?

What do ya'll think? Can I tow the above with the lil Lion 3.0 V-6 F-150?...I could downgrade the size of my 5er too.

I just absolutely loved my 2014 V-8 F-150 (Had exhaust upgrade to make it sound louder w/o being too loud)
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Well bought a New 2018 F-150 diesel today! It’s a platinum white, black interior - long box with the 502A pkg. The only thing I don’t like is that it has the twin panel moonroof. I had my sunroof just randomly crack on my last truck and it cost $1100 to replace it. I’m near Sioux City, IA and the truck has to be picked up from another dealer in Jamestown, ND. They will drive it back tomorrow. I wanted the FX4 package but the F-150 apparently only adds skid plates and a sticker - no shocks or suspension upgrade. I’m having the dealership do the interior & exterior application that will supposedly help keep the paint, leather and winshield last longer? We’ll see if it’s worth it. It’ll be nice to ride in comfort again vs a lumber wagon - lol.
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Congrats Sgtwalleye and welcome to the forum. Interested to hear how the new Powerstroke handles your trailer setup. Will you be trading in the 250?
Sgtwalleye is referring to the color of his new truck: White Platinum Metallic Tricoat, which is the same color I have on my 2018 F150 KR 3.0.

Agree with you jmperlik that it appears he is in a Lariat trim level.
Picked it up tonight! I love this truck!


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@Sgtwalleye - Your dealer might want to read up on the FX4 package in the 2018 Ford F150 Ordering Guide, as the FX4 package comes with more than just the decals & skid plates.

Pretty sure this is the only way you can get the Hill Descent option and it does come with different tires depending on what Trim Level your order.

I factory-ordered my 2018 F150 Platinum with the FX4 package.
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