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New baby Diesel in CO

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I've been lurking around here for a couple weeks. I got myself a 2019 King Ranch. Hopefully it will be as good to me as my old pickup was. Leveling kit wheels and tires are on the way. Hello to all of you.

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@starbiker99 - let me be the first to welcome you here to the forums!

We are a small but growing group of owners, some of us new to diesels and some with prior diesel ownership, all learning about this new engine option on the world's most popular vehicle. Lots of good info out here in the old threads, so I suggest using the Search Community feature (top middle) to search for a topic first to see if the topic has been discussed. If you don't find anything, then please don't be afraid to start a new thread with your question.

Congrats on the new (to you) 2019 KR PSD (PowerStrokeDiesel) and enjoy the ride!
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Welcome! Great to see you here.
Pretty truck, welcome, and enjoy that machine!
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