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New from Rhode Island

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Hey now!

just found this forum, had to join! Got my 2019 3.0 Lariat back in October 2019, it seems like a lifetime ago... 13K mi on the truck so far... 75% local, 20%hwy, 5% towing. Not what I expected when I bought it, but boy has the world changed!!!

this is my 2nd f150 supercrew, first was a 2004 XLT4.6L, bought in 2005. Had that truck for 14+ years, and just under 250K miles. Traded it in for this new mini-powerstroke, sad to see the old one go after so long, great memories! But glad to have some modern amenities...

found the forum in researching 20E04 EGR bypass valve recall....

Glad to be here!
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Welcome from Florida! Sounds like you plan to keep your Powerstroke for many years, as I do.
@Guyute - let me be the first second to welcome you here to the forums!

Glad you found us via the search on 20E04, as I was commenting in another thread that Ford has done a good PR job keeping the wraps on the 2nd recall on their EGR By-pass valve.

Sounds like you got your $$$s worth on your last F150 and with proper maintenance you should get the same with your F150 "baby" PowerStroke Diesel (PSD)

Lots of F150 PS Diesel info has accumulated out here in the forums, so I recommend you use the Search Community feature (top center) if you have specific questions, and feel free to ask a new question if you can't find your answer here.

Again welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!
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