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New guy from MI

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Have had my 2019 F150 KR since June and I’m loving it (having come from a 2016 Sierra). Have been driving it quite a bit since then, so I’m just about to get my 2nd oil change (just over 10k on the clock and @30% oil life remaining).
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@Jcjr - let me be the first to welcome you to our forums here! We have a pretty good group of owners here sharing their ownership experiences and subject matter knowledge if they are an expert in that field. While some of us are previous SuperDuty or diesel owners, we are all new to this 3.0L V6 "Baby" PowerStroke engine Ford delivered on the F150 platform. I come here to find out new information almost every post, so please share your ownership questions or experiences so that we can all learn. Welcome aboard!

...have been reading the threads related to OCR, as my truck smells funky. Not like diesel exhaust. Not like any vehicle exhaust that I have ever smelled. Like an obscure ethnic food that it’s tough to put your finger on. I have been doing a lot of city driving recently and have been getting milquetoast mileage performance, as well. So I suspect that my truck is in a state of constant regen. Gonna go for a freeway cruise later today, so that hopefully she can clear her throat.
@Jcjr - I highly recommend exposing DPF % Full in your IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster) via FORScan programming to monitor your regen frequency:
=> IMHO Ford should have exposed this by default for F150 PS Diesel owners but chose not to
=> You can monitor your Regen status, Miles between Regens, and EGTs (Exhaust Gas Temperatures) via an ODBii adapter plugged into your diagnostics port & free software
=> You can program your truck to expose DPF % Full via a Windows 10 laptop and a licensed software program called FORScan
=> Check out this sticky link I created that explains everything you can do and what you need: START HERE: New FORScan user education
=> This thread here on our forums has the most comprehensive list of favorite owner FORScan mods: FORScan Mods confirmed working

If you have any questions with anything above, don't be afraid to ask questions back here or in the FORScan sticky thread
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