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Bought a 2019 King Ranch F150 3.0 Diesel. And have to say I have owned most brands of trucks but this is the nicest one so far. This truck drives and rides incredible well. I live in the Washington DC area and I towed a 11,000lb trailer to South Dakota and could hardly tell it was back there.



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Nice rig! i love it. i just drove a lariat last week and will prolly buy it this weekend. The 3.0 feels good off the line and thru the gears. i haven't had the chance to drive it on the highway yet.
@geoflyaway@mikey88 - as I see a Post count of 1 for both of you, let me be the first one to welcome you to our forums here! We are small but enthusiastic group of new F150 PowerStroke Diesel owners all "cutting our teeth" on this new engine option in the F150 lineup. Please share your ownership experiences and please don't be afraid to ask if you have any questions...
@geoflyaway - pretty impressive towing 11,000 lbs with an F150, as you have to be pretty close to the limits of the platform. Guessing you have a 2WD King Ranch?
@mikey88 - definitely take things for a test drive on the highway before you purchase. While on the highway, I love looking down at my tachometer and seeing the engine purring along at 1600 RPM with the transmission in 10th gear doing 65MPH -- my 2018 Platinum on a road trip is bliss!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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