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@Roadking71865 - let me be the first to welcome you here to the forums!

Lots of info out here in the various sub-forums, but we do have a sub-forum specific to Towing

Congrats on one of the last F150 3.0 PSDs (PowerStroke Diesels) as the word-on-the-street is that 2021 will be the last model year for this short-lived engine option.

Welcome aboard!

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Welcome Roadking! I just got back from a 2 week camping trip and right next to me was this beautiful machine- a Platinum 3.0 Powerstroke Diesel. I think it was a 2021.

I only got to chat with the brand new owner for a few minutes but he was from Texas and this was up in Tennessee. He had a sizeable load in the bed (a steel sound reducing enclosure for his Generac home generator) and a large trvel trailer. Great to see these trucks working hard!
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