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Hello from North Texas!

Last month I purchased an extremely low mile 2018 F150 Lariat. I wasn't planning to upgrade but the offer from Vroom for my 2018 F150 XLT with the 5.0L V8 was too good to pass on. I picked up my truck in Virginia and drove it back down to Texas and have been extremely pleased with it so far.

I would have purchased a diesel F150 a couple years ago but since they were only on the higher trims and virtually non-existant in north Texas, I went with the V8. My new F150 is pretty much exactly how I would have ordered one from the factory so I am happy I was able to find it used.




  • Lariat 502A
  • Supercrew
  • 6.5' Box
  • Sport Package
  • FX4
  • Shadow Black
  • 3.55
  • Panoramic Moonroof
  • Tow Mirrors
  • Tow Package
  • Tailgate Step

Planned mods:
  • STX Grill (have one, just needs to be painted)
  • Line-X
  • Paint correction and ceramic coating
  • Window tint
  • Builtright Bedside Rack

Wishlist mods:
  • OEM Black LED Headlights
  • Titan 48 gallon tank
  • Bilstein 5100
  • 275/65R20 on stock wheels
  • EZ Lynk w/ AMPD
  • Sync 3 to Sync 4 conversion (hoping someone pioneers this soon)

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@Astrojet - congrats on the new (to you!) F150 PS Diesel and welcome to the forums! We are a small but growing group of F150 Diesel owners -- some of us first time diesel owners and others experienced diesel owners.

As for your list of upgrades, I like the BuiltRight stuff Matt manufactures and several of us (including me) have upgraded to the Titan XXL 40 (5.5' bed) or 48 (6.5' bed) gallon fuel tank.

Lots of info discussed out here in the threads in the sub-forums, so use the Search Community feature on the top center of any page to look for answers to questions you might have.

Please share your new ownership experiences & don't be afraid to ask any new ownership questions!

Congrats again on the new truck and welcome aboard!

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