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Had mine for a month. MPG is awesome. Haven't towed with it yet, but so far really enjoying my new truck. Plan to keep it for a long time and looking for insight into maintenance schedules, accessories, etc. Are the extended warranty and maintenance plans worth it?

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@GearsGrindn - first off, let me be the first one to welcome you aboard to the forums here!

I know I am definitely in the minority here, but I purchased both 100K extended warranty and service plans for the following reasons:
  1. Ford's first model year with the 3.0L PowerStroke Diesel
  2. My first diesel (road) vehicle
  3. Way too many electronic thingeys to go-south
  4. I trust Service Manager and his diesel technician at my dealership
  5. I can afford this luxury at this point in my life
I never purchased any form of extended warranty (Ford or 3rd party) previously because I thought they were a rip-off, but my #1 concern above was that if there is any issue with this new engine, then I wanted Ford to "own it" in terms of fixing or replacing it, so this meant them owning the servicing of the engine on their maintenance schedule using Motorcraft filters and fluids.

I will be the first to tell you that the Ford Certified ESP contracts are very, very pricey, but doing some research on the internet, I will let you in on a way to cut their standard price nearly in half. There is a dealer in Rhode Island that you can purchase a Ford ESP contract thru at a reduce price: Ford Extended Warranty - Genuine Ford ESP Sales I'm not exactly sure how they manage to do this without Ford Corporate shutting them down, but you can use this website and their prices to your advantage as leverage to get a better price from your local dealer.

My approach was to give my dealer 1-shot to match the prices from the website above or I would go with Flood ESP = I ended up getting both Extended Warranty and Extended Service from my dealer for a few $$$ over Flood pricing:
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You have up to a year after-purchase to add Extended Warranty or Extended Service Plans = you will see two different prices on the Flood ESP website based on over/under a year.

If you really want a good price, ask your dealer for the 0% financing option after you negotiate the price down, as the dealer has to absorb the ~14% interest cost that installment payment plan company charges the dealer for the 0% financing to you...

I am also a strong advocate for using a diesel fuel additive for protection against a bad batch of diesel ruining the engine = I run a mix of Stanadyne Performance and Lubricity formulas year-round every fill-up.

I do not work for Ford nor am I endorsed by them, but rather giving you info on options/techniques for better pricing...
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