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New to Ford trucks and this forum

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Hello, northeast PA here. Just bought a 2018 3.0 Lariat off the showroom floor this week. Was supposed to have it last week but they wouldn't let me buy it until the EGR recall was done. I only have 200 miles on it so can't offer any input as to mileage or anything bu I can say that so far I love this truck. Looking forward to many years and miles of enjoyment out of it including a trip up the Alaska Hwy and back down the Cassier towing an A Liner camper.

Thanks for having me and am looking forward to participation in the forum as I get to know my truck.


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Welcome to the forum!

I joined back in April, months ahead of buying mine day before Thanksgiving. This forum was dead for the longest time until we got more owners, and now we have daily posts to keep up on, and everyone is willing to share info which you will find very helpful.
When did they say they will be getting the new EGR?
When did they say they will be getting the new EGR?
I picked the truck up on Monday Jan 28. I was supposed to take delivery the prior Thursday but that week Ford put a stop on the delivery until the recall was satisfied. My dealer had the part in on Saturday Jan 26 and installed it on Monday the 28th. They started the job first thing in the morning and I picked it up at 2pm that day. I believe mine was the first update they did. They have the first 3.0 out there that they sold prior to the recall that I assume will be in for the update. Mine is the second one sold out of my dealer.
Gotcha, thanks for the info.
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