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I only have 500 miles on it mostly state and county roads over 23 mpg I am happy to see averages around 25
Planning a day trip on interstate cant wait for results
Replacing a 270k v10 f-250

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Congrats on your new 2019 Lariat PS Diesel

@Husker - tying together your two (2) Introduction posts: Congrats on your new 2019 Lariat PS Diesel and welcome to the club!

As @RLVoumard mentioned, I also agree that we have a pretty good set of owners here or varying ages, geographical areas, backgrounds, and prior ownerships.

This is my third Ford F150 Platinum but my first diesel vehicle ever (although I do own a stable of small diesel tractors), so I am pretty solid on the F150 platform but learning about diesel passenger vehicles along with a lot of other first-time F150 PS Diesel owners. We do have a few members who are previous diesel owners who we lean on for their diesel experiences.

Since you have a 2019 model, I won't bore you with all of the FSA 18E02 drama -- your truck should already have the re-worked EGR By-pass valve.

These forums work best when we share our experiences in order to build a knowledge base, so please share your experiences with us.

Welcome again to the forums!
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