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F-150 2018 Lariat 3.0 4x4
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I purchased my 3.0 Lariat 4x4 in April of 2022. 32,500 Miles.
Came with:
  • LRG 20" Wheels
  • LT 305 / 55r, 20 Toyo Open Country
I added:
  • Retrax Bed Cover
  • Linex Spary bed liner
  • Tuffy Rear Seat lock box
  • Changed all head lamps and tail tail lights to LED
  • Falcon Adjustable Sport Tow/ Haul shocks with Leveling Kit
Falcon Sport Tow / Haul Leveling Shock System** I want to add Air-Lift bags and a factory brake controller ** I'll ask for opinions on another post.
Falcon Sport Tow / Haul Leveling Shock Syste
I purchased this truck early last year in anticipation of early retirement for me and the Mrs mid 2023 and going RVing. I figured I can pull a lite weight trailer and still get decent fuel economy with some power behind it. I have never owned a diesel so I was a little intimidated.
I have been keeping up with the oil changes every 5-6000 miles, " Too soon or not soon enough" ? I changed the fuel filters once during this time, "15,000" and I'll be changing them out again on my next oil change coming up very soon. I absolutely love this truck. I look forward to driving it every day !! She just turned 50k mile and I have yet to encounter a single issue.

My main concern is;
What preventative maintenance should I be particularly concerned with ?

Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Automotive side marker light Land vehicle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Motor vehicle

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Thank you and God Bless America


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@ReyPowerStroke - welcome to the forums!

Doug has already pointed you in the right direction for your question.

We have a solid set of forum members here with a good mix of "Big Boy" PowerStroke prior SuperDuty owners along with new/first-time Diesel owners (like me! though I own a half dozen diesel tractors). Lots of posts/info out here over the past 5 years to search through and if you can't find an answer, just ask and we'll try to pint you in the right direction.

Enjoy the new (to you) truck = perfect for your light-duty towing needs. Just turned 50K on my 2018 and looking for another smooth 50K... Stick with 5K interval for oil changes and 15K for fuel filters and you'll be golden... Oh, I also recommend some form diesel fuel treatment, e.g. I run Stanadyne Performance & Lubricity Formalas every fill-up
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I'll second the 5,000 - 6,000 oil change and 15,000 fuel filter. I have a Retrax tonneau cover as well and can offer insight on the airlift air bags when you get to that point.

I'd only suggest that you check your tires and (in particular) wheels to ensure that they are up to the load specs of the vehicle overall; they could well be excellent wheels, but I, for one, have never heard of LRG. Also, those tires are 50mm wider than stock, so they might have an impact on your fuel economy. That is all up to your preference of fuel costs versus aesthetics.

I see that you have a stubby antenna. Mine came with a stubby and it had horrible reception, so I swapped it out for an OEM mast unit. Reception got marginally better, but I'm convinced that this vehicle just has poor reception in general compared to all of my other vehicles.

I'm curious about the Falcon shocks. Please update us on them once you get some miles and a variety of loads on them.

Nice looking truck. Congratulations.

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F-150 2018 Lariat 3.0 4x4
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Fuel filters being changed today :)

AirLift system;
I'm thinking to get the Airlift with the wireless controller. Any input on that ?

I'm going to definitely look into the specs of the wheels, for certain. Even though, it's looks cool and it rides great, I want to get tires that are not as wide. Currently it's a 12.5" wide. Not sure if the wheel will allow me to do 10.5" ? Something else to look into before I start towing.

Stubby Antenna;
The stubby antenna is from,"Rydonair" through amazon. The reception is about the same as the factory. No complains.

Falcon Shocks;
They are nice ! As I drove away from the shop, I noticed an immediate improvement in handeling.
Setting 1 is smooth, like silk. Handles curves way better than the factory shocks.
Setting 2 is for slight payload. I helped move my son move for furniture few month back, maybe 300 pounds or so. Rides nice, not too stiff. No sag
Setting 3 is made for towing. I'll get back to you on that. I did switch try it for ****s and gigs once. Rides very stiff ! Even with a some load. Again, it's designed for towing.

Well Sir, that's it for now. I'll be back with a follow up when I start towing.

Rey from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla
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