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New to your forum - old to diesels

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Hey y’all,

I’ve been obsessed with diesels for about 20 some years now. Don’t know exactly why - just am. Maybe because most of my career has been being a heavy equipment operator and truck driver.

I don’t know how exactly it started but got my first VW TDI around the year 2000 which was a 1998 Jetta. It was in poor shape but running so I fixed it up. My wife then used it as her daily driver until I sold it. The reason it was her daily driver is that I have always had an F150 under my butt.

My very first vehicle back in 1974 was a F100 with a short bed that I got from a local farmer. Since then have never been without but only bought 2 brand new in my lifetime. All F150’s so of course no diesel for me.

The TDI obsession took me through 7 different Jettas over about 10 years. I would buy them either beat up or not running, fix them up, and sell them. Can’t say that I every actually made any money doing it but it was my hobby which I loved.

During all this time I told myself that if Ford ever put a diesel in an F150 I would have one. Well….when 2018 came around I was not in the position anymore to buy a new pickup - financially that is. So all I did was drool looking at them online.

There was a white platinum Lariat at my really small rural local dealer. It sat there and sat there - drove me nuts! Then finally it disappeared. I figured it was traded off to another dealership since nobody local wanted it.

2 weeks ago I was at the Ford shop with my 2015 Lariat (2.7l) and as I do I walk around the lot while there. Came upon this 2018 white Lariat on the line and paused to look. I like me my white Lariats. And then I noticed the badge on the door - POWER STROKE!

Turns out it is the same truck I was drooling over 3 years ago that just came back in after a lease.

I’ll stop there - will start a thread in the purchasing section titled “I need a sanity check”.

I must mention one more thing. For the past few days I’ve been doing all the research I can on these sweet diesels and came upon your forum. I gained a wealth of information here and here I am. Kudos to the mods and all the members for a well organized forum!
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Welcome !
My first diesel was a 1981 VW Rabbit diesel. Wife drove that until the family got too big.
From then, had an affinity for diesels, but not readily available in large family-size vehicles. But, kids grow and move out . . . bought a 2019 XLT Power Stroke in June 2020. Impressed so far.
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Welcome to the forum. Like you, I always wanted a light pickup with super crew cab and diesel engine. I didn’t really pay much attention until a couple years ago because I had another truck that was serving me well. That got gifted to my son a year and a half ago, so I went shopping. I really liked the new small PS engine and started working up an order for one to my specs, then Ford announced it would not continue the PS in the F150, and stopped taking orders. So I had to find something on a dealer lot. That took another 6 months or so before I found a new 2021 that met my desires and I bought it October. Anyway, I have 10,000 miles on it, and so far, so good. But, I’ve had to learn how to use the **** thing because of all the electrickery and engine controls. I’m still figuring it out…
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