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I've been lurking around here the last few weeks and I figured it was time to join and say hi. I picked up a 2018 crew cab in early November. Kind of a long story how I ended up with it but it wasn't really what I was looking for. The previous owner added the lift/leveling kit and fender flares. So far so good. Looks like I got it just in time for this EGR recall thing. I got it from the Honda dealership since my neighbor is a sales guy there. I stopped by my local Ford dealership yesterday and they were very helpful. They pulled up the recall or whatever Ford is calling it and said no problem they will order the parts and take care of it. They also gave me an Oasis report which is good but my truck came from Canada and some the entries are in French. She should be able handle our Minnesota winters coming from Canada. Anyway, should be an adventure. I can't wait to put her to work pulling the boat up north next summer. Tire Motor vehicle Wheel Automotive tire Automotive design

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@CycloneTom - Let me be the first to welcome you here to our forums!

Recall for the EGR By-Pass Valve (20E04) is Round 2 for some of us for the same part, but Ford should cover this repair due to the recall. 20E04 has no rental car or loaner exception, so besides your down-time without your vehicle, this shouldn't cost you anything.

Since you have a 2018 model, your should see Round 1 of this similar recall listed under FSA 18E02 in the OASIS report = I see you have been reading up on that OASIS tip in the START HERE: Any owners affected by FSA 18E02 (EGR By-pass valve replacement) thread

I am having an engine block heater installed while they have the driver's side of the engine ripped apart for 20E04 -- my diesel tech told me I probably don't need this in our part of New York, but you might want to think about one (if your truck doesn't already have one) based on your location in Minnesota. 20E04 pulls out the airbox, steering column, radiator hose feeding EGR By-Pass Valve, along with other hoses and hard lines that are in the way, so adding a block heater now is probably your cheapest labor cost, as the recall is paying for all of that driver's side engine bay parts removal and re-installation.

Congrats on the new (to you!) vehicle and welcome again to the forums!

Please don't be afraid to post back with your ownership experiences and questions.
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