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Oil Change Updates

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I noticed a lot of different questions on different threads about oil changes, Fumoto valves, where the filter was, etc. Here is a definitive run down for some of the questions with photos from my experience today. First two photos is of the soft cover below the oil pan. Five screws hold it in place. Remove the four 8mm screws and you can swing the cover to the right of the truck and the last screw will hold it up, making replacement pretty easy. Next two photos show the new Fumoto F107N valve installed in place of the drain plug. The N has a small extension on it which will allow me to attach a hose for the next change and drain right into a container. The space is tight, but the F107N fits. Next time I'll use the hose which will keep the thinning flow of oil from blowing all over the place like it did today! First photo shows the closed valve, next photo shows the valve with the safety clip installed. Finally there is a photo of the oil filter canister on the top of the engine between the cylinder banks. 1 1/4 inch socket takes it off. New O ring comes with the new Motorcraft filter. The filter is under the plastic engine cover which snaps off simply from two snaps in the front. Then just pull it forward from the rear supports. With the Fumoto valve and the top mounted filter, future oil changes will be the easiest I have ever done!


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