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I have the Ford maintenance plan with my 2019 Lariat.... Oil change time at my local dealers and when I picked up the truck. Found oil - grease footprints on both driver and passenger side dood sill..I got 90 % off but its stained.

OPPS was the response I got from the service dept- must have happened when we washed the windshield... We will just order you 2 new ones.

also missed resetting the oil computer and filling DEF... I told the service manager , sure glad you don't work on Boeings.

Any one know what's involved with changeing the door sill trim piece... Not sure I want the dealer to touch my truck


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Just a guess here but every Ford I have owned for the last 20 years or so the sill plate just pops up. Pretty easy fix.

I always do my own oil change ever since Bruto really screwed up a drain plug years ago. By the time you take it in, wait patiently for an hour or two, check to see if they actually changed the oil and filter and take a good guess at what oil they may have used it is as easy to DIY.

My son in law though probably doesn't know how to open the hood.

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@RLVoumard - all I can say is: <sigh>

My dealer also missed filling up the DEF as part of the Extended Maintenance Plan my first oil change service, but in their defense it was not listed in the computer as a required task:
  • They said since this is the first model year for the 3.0L Diesel, there may be some kinks in OASIS they need to sort out
  • They apologized and added a notation on my vehicle for all future oil change services
They have always reset the Oil Minder so no complaints there yet...

Now the grease on the door sills is ridiculous and unacceptable -- raises the definition of "grease monkey" to a whole new level! At my dealership, oil changes are usually handled by the youngest/most inexperienced "mechanic" (and I use that term lightly) so I can't say that I am surprised, but if the kid really had that much grease on one or both shoes, then he had to have been making a mess ANYWHERE he walked in the shop or in the showroom.

You should ask the Service Manager and dealership's GM to order disposable "shoe covers" (like in an operating room) for the next time they service your vehicle -- they may give you a strange look at first, but they should quickly figure out that these are probably cheaper than ordering new door sills every oil change because their guys are pretty sloppy for a customer paying for a premium maintenance/service contract. The door sills are pretty easy to pop off if you have door trim tools (I just ordered a set for another purpose)

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@jmperlik----Thanks for your post. I will admit that when it comes to my truck I can and am very particular . My dealer knows that, I go to the same service adviser and he"babysits". This trip he was out sick so it proved to me that A:) He's doing his job B:) When no one watching the work gets sloppy. My guys on the ranch have learned that if they don't do it right , that will have to do all over again. I have noticed that Porsche and Mercedes dealers often ( we have a Boxter ) have a glass wall so that customers can watch the service dept...the place looks like a surgical ward.

I can understand the "missed items" if they are not on a checklist or the OASIS. The oil minder - should be a part of every oil change procedure. As for the Greese monkey --- brings back memories of when i use to go to the " filling station" with my Grandfather to have his oil changed. The guys were covered in oil ...

I do not have any door trim tools--- but I will be standing over the mechanic when he changes mine out.

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The Premium Maintenance from Ford ,plan we have fills the def tank.

Scheduled Maintenance

The following services are representative of required maintenance for your vehicle. Your actual plan will be based on your vehicle’s maintenance needs as indicated in your Owner’s Scheduled Maintenance Guide:

Change engine oil and replace oil filter
Inspect and rotate tires
Inspect brake pads/ shoes/ rotors/ drums, brake lines and parking brake system
Inspect wheel ends for end play and noise
Inspect and lubricate steering linkage, ball joints, suspension and, if equipped, halfshafts, driveshafts and u-joints
Change transmission fluid
Replace fuel filter

Replace engine air filter
Change engine coolant
Replace PCV valve
If equipped, change transfer case fluid
If equipped, inspect and lubricate 4x4 front axle shaft u-joints
If equipped, lubricate 4x4 front hub needle bearings
If equipped, lubricate 4x2 front wheel bearings, replace grease seals and adjust bearings
If equipped, fill diesel exhaust fluid
Coverage Includes

Premium Maintenance from Ford Protect covers routine inspections, preventive care and replacement of normal “wear and tear” items that require periodic attention, including:
Engine oil and filter changes
Multi-point inspections
Tire rotations
Brake pads and linings
Shock absorbers/struts
Spark plugs
Clutch discs
Engine belts
Engine coolant hoses, clamps and o-ring seals
Wiper blades
Diesel exhaust fluid fill at the time scheduled maintenance is performed at dealership
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