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P026A Charge Air Cooler Inefficient

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Fellas: I was pulling a little 5' x 10' trailer last weekend with my 2019 F150 3.0 Powerstroke, and my check engine light came on. Turns out it was the P026A, and with a little research, could mean a few things. I have a Addictive Desert Designs pre-runner bumper with an aluminum skidplate that is literally right in front of the intercooler. Please see attached pictures. Any suggestions as to how to fix this? I could drill a few 'speed' holes in the skidplate to help with the airflow. Any other advice is always welcome. Much appreciated.


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...The next day, with the 'check engine' light on, pulled this trailer loaded with the Bobcat, tree shears, and grapple bucket. Guy at Sunbelt Rentals said it was in the neighborhood of 7-8k lbs, and truck didn't nearly have the power it usually does. Very hilly roads in the Texas Hill Country and I was taking it easy.

Cut holes in the skidplate last night, via drill press and cordless drill, no turning back now. Thanks for all the useful information. I am really hoping these holes in the skidplate help with power, and keep the check engine light off. I don't really pull much at all, maybe a few times a year.

Cheers and happy Thursday.
The Sunbelt guy may have been a bit optimistic. The skid steer (Bobcat S550?) weighs about 6200 lbs. Add another 900 for the grapple, maybe 1200 for the tree shear, and let's say 3500 for the equipment trailer. Not a lot of aerodynamic drag, but weight in the hills.

The holes in the skid plate have to help, but if you are still getting codes, I'd be looking at the shrouds ahead of the intercooler. On the stock truck, there are no gaps between the cutouts in the bumper and the intercooler itself. Just trying to snake a block heater cord into that opening is a job. I suspect that plastic "shield" under the engine is primarily to direct cooling air where it belongs as well. Beyond that, I would convert the holes in your skid plate to NACA ducts. Let us know if the holes alone addressed the issue.
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