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P2002 code only 646 mile wtf!?!?!

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I just got code p2002 yesterday. After 640 miles my def has not gone down at all. It still reads 100% full. Cant get to the dealer for almost a week and I commute 110 miles a day. I'm worried about it going into limp mode on the turnpike.
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That code relates to the dpf. Do you have the dpf % full enabled on forscan?

Usually turnpike driving will help keep the dpf cleaner than city driving.
If your OBD interface can look at PIDs, check the "Percentage of the Maximum Soot Loading - Open Loop." If it is over 100%, the PCM is not commanding regen and it will be counting time and miles with filter full and eventually time and distance over limit. At some point over the limit(not sure what the number is), it will go into limp mode. If the soot loading is under 100%, the DPF is regenerating normally and the DTC is likely just due to a faulty sensor. Good luck!
Most likely a bad sensor. I am sure dealer will get that fixed in a Jiffy!
@Jimmy9680 Any update on how your issue turned out?
What did they end of finding? I had the code come up with 6k miles. Waiting until they get a loaner to take it in.
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