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2021 F150, 3.0 Powerstroke, 4500 miles.

Put my first 2.5 gallons of DEF in today and took a little road trip. Truck pulled codes P2A01 & P2A02 codes after about 200 miles of driving. Could this be related to adding the DEF???

aFe also recently test fitted and install their air intake system and exhaust system on my truck (about 500+ miles ago). They state their air intake & exhaust systems would pull not these codes.

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@FordmanF150 - first off I see this is your first post to the forums, so let me be the first to welcome you aboard!

I am by no means an expert on this, but I am an engineer by degree and do a fair share of programming for work, so I'll throw out my initial thoughts:
  • Diesels do have O2 sensors (like gasoline engines) and PCM/ECM will adjust fuel trims
  • O2 sensors do fail; however, I wouldn't expect either to fail this soon in your brand new truck
  • From a programming perspective, I find it very odd that both were thrown together
    • Both being thrown together is a red flag that neither failed
      = odds of both failing at same exact time would be astronomical
    • More likely some common source may be fouling them
The fact that you got both codes/sides/banks at the same time shortly after refilling your DEF, I would suspect (as you have) getting both P2A01 & P2A02 together are related to your DEF fill-up. Did you happen to check the date on the box that the DEF jug came in? You need to be careful as DEF does have a "bad by date" so make sure you use DEF manufactured < 6 months old.

Should you be getting either of these after adding DEF in a brand new truck? Answer: No
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