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Payload Questions and Concerns

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Hi everyone, newcomer here with my first post. Its regarding payload.
I'm not understanding why the Tire and Loading Information sticker on the door limits me to 1697 pounds of payload but if I calculate using the GVWR and curb weight of the vehicle I gain almost 400 pounds.

When I received my new 2018 F-150 Diesel (4x2) the dealer told me the shipping weight of my truck was 4790 lbs; this is with maybe 2 gallons of fuel in the tank.
To calculate the actual curb weight I can add the weight of 24 more gallons of diesel fuel (24x7=168 lbs).

So my Curb Weight is 4958 lbs.

From the VIN door sticker the GVWR is 7050 lbs.
This would give me a Cargo Carrying Capacity of 2092 lbs.

The question I have is why does the Tire and Loading Information sticker on the door say: “The combined weight of the occupants and cargo should never exceed 1697 lbs”?

I tow a travel trailer/toy hauler with a hitch weight of 1100 lbs. If I should never exceed 1697 lbs that doesn’t leave much margin when adding a couple of passengers.

Am I missing something?
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@apezz - as this being your first post, let me first welcome you aboard to the forums!

I think you are confusing payload (carrying) vs towing (pulling) capacities?

Try reading some of these articles to see if this clears up any of your questions:

Firestone Blog: Truck Payload vs. Towing Capacity: What You Need to Know
CarLifeNation: For Truck’s Sake! Learn the Difference Between Payload and Towing Capacity
TopSpeed: Towing, Payload, & GCVWR: What’s It All Mean?

I had very similar questions/confusion when researching trailer hitches for my 2015 Platinum...
jmperlik, Thanks for your replay, i'm enjoying the education on this topic.

I feel like I do have a fairly good understanding between payload (carrying) vs towing (pulling) capacities. What I'm struggling with is after doing the math and subtracting the vehicle curb weight from the vehicle GVWR, their is nearly 400 pounds more than what the Tire and Loading Information sticker on the door says my cargo carrying capacity is.
what I think your missing is what the payload of the tires on you truck is. You should never load your truck to the max or over that number, witch is what the door jam sticker is telling you.
Welcome to the forum. Too bad automakers don't disclose clearer information on towing. It would help them with selling more of these.
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