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Pleasure To Be Here

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Hello y'all and happy to be here. Pulled the trigger on my very first Ford a couple of weeks ago after much soul searching and consternation of others. The source of this insanity is truly unknown but it is possible that the decision was, in fact, driven by neurological damage sustained in the head-on collision with the Mercury Grand Marquis that took the life of my beloved '07 Dodge 2500 Crew, possibly the last hand shaker I will ever own, on New Years Eve. It might have been the shock of seeing "PowerStroke" on the lower door panel of an F150 while driving on the highway shortly there after or maybe the allure of style and elegance that Fords seem to exude.......Who can say? What I can say is that regardless of what warts have revealed themselves after the purchase of this used beauty (to quote a salesman, "I'll let some other sucker eat the depreciation."), I am enjoying the technology and luxury IMMENSELY! I have been a giddy fool gathering the parts to transform this standard 2018 Lariat Triple Black (502A) into MY truck. I gots my FORScan registration and have been gleaning the F150 spreadsheet for changes to make. I made my purchase from Titan and the casket size box lies waiting in the garage. My wife has already claimed the fibrous cocoon for the grand children; she is all about the repurpose. I will soon remove the drop in plastic bed grinder (anyone want a used Pendaliner?) from the expansive 6.5' bed in exchange for a new Sportliner (my knees will be grateful). It already has the PowerScope Tow Mirrors and they are CHOICE, although I have to wonder if these sails are responsible, at least in part, for the less than stellar fuel mileage at highway speed. Actually, by the numbers, this truck has VERY similar performance to the 1999 GMC CrewDually I had. While the Ford advertises 30lbs more rotational force, the big block monster had all of 40 more voracious ponies under the hood. The afore mentioned bloated equines insisted on 10 miles per "sweatin' or strollin'." Based on the latter, I would say that this Legacy Of Edsel has it up on the Big Jimmy. The marginally junior Super Crew has plenty of room in the aft cabin for the grand babies to occupy whilst they trash Papa's new truck and grind on his nerves (How much valium CAN one safely consume and operate a motor vehicle?). It's only eight hours to the lake, how much damage can they do?
Well, enough of my bloviation..........I am looking forward to the social intercourse promised by this gathering of intellectual similarity. Na Zdrovie!
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Welcome! You have been very busy for sure. I still have the factory fuel tank but as a retiree I usually fill up every other week so I am OK with that.

There are a few times I really needed the long bed but so far the 5 1/2 is good. I hope so since my other F150 has the same bed.
@PercheNoir - well I must admit that was the most loquacious member intro to date!

Welcome to our little club and congrats on your 2018 F150 PS Lariat purchase. For any new members purchasing a 2018 model (new or used), I point them at the START HERE: Any owners affected by FSA 18E02 (EGR By-pass valve replacement) thread to ensure that FSA 18E02 has been performed.

I also see you mention acquiring a FORScan license along with a Titan XXL tank, so you may want to read the START HERE: New FORScan user education thread, as it covers using FORScan to program DTE for the larger XXL tanks.

You use the term "Bloviation" yourself, so I think we will all be OK here...
Appreciate the reply and heads up. I had done some homework before buying this truck including a visit or two to this gathering of knowledge and the EGR issue was tops on my list of questions at the dealership. For whatever reason, my vin does not bring this up as something I need to address. The truck had been run through the Ford Dealership (I bought it off a VW used lot, it is an auction refugee) to clear any outstanding recall items before I got it so I hope they did the job right. Ford Pass does however warn me that I am blinding oncoming drivers with my DRL Halos not dimming properly with the low beams on. Sorry in advance to all those whose retinas I damage. The tank comes from my annual trek to the lake hauling the boat and jet ski. The Dodge cold almost do all 8 hours on 36 gallons (14 miles per) so I am hoping that this truck can at least get 12.5 -13 pulling the load. It also doesn't hurt that a local service station seems to keep his fuel price right around 20-30 cents over gasoline. Filled up the other day for 2.19 per. Haven't seen that in many years! Nice to see someone that isn't all about the gouge........
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Thank you for the comeback. I still have a few years before I can retire (IF I can retire) but based on my past purchase history with trucks, this will carry me into that last segment. I don't seem to haul often, but when I do, the bed is always too short. Had a '81 S-15 with a 6' bed and a Toyota Deluxe after that and swore I would never have buy another short bed. 20 years later and my options were limited.......as for the tank, I will never get the money out of it but I like the idea I will be able to shop for fuel rather then be forced to pay for the convenience. At 48 gallons, I should be able to drive at least 500 miles in any direction and come home on my own cheap (local station, 2.19 per last week) fuel. Not that I do that sort of thing.......
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