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Powerstroke Warranty

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From Ford literature looks like for 2018 the F150 Powerstroke warranty is 5 Yr 100k, and 8 Yr 80k for emissions equipment (CA differs slightly).

This is good news!
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Has anyone been picking up Extended Warranty coverage on their new trucks, and if so at what terms (i.e. years+mileage) and cost?

I am very interested in this topic also. I have been shopping for a 3.0 babystroke for a while now and keep hearing rumors of 5 or 6 year/100,000 mile warranty on the power train.

All of the window stickers I have looked at just state the regular warranties (3yr/36,000 bumper to bumper, 5yr/60,000 powertrain, and 5yr/60,000 roadside assist).

Can anyone that has closed a deal on one of these sweet rides confirm whether or not the 3.0 powerstroke has a longer warranty like big bro 6.7?

It would be a good selling point for me if it did considering 2018 is the first year for the 3.0 in the F-150 and it is still yet to be proven over a long period. I know it has been running in overseas vehicles for quite a while but I heard that Ford made some tweaks before dropping it in the F-150.

Pretty much I am trying to have y’all talk me into this sweet King Ranch I drove the other night...lol. Any and all input is appreciated! 👍
I will be a ESP customer.....Cost of repairs has me thinking that it will be a "peace of mind" purchase.

From what I understand this can be purchased from ANY Ford dealer , and there are several discounting the MSRP- Google Ford ESP. I do not plan of having the full court press put on me at the time of purchase. I will be bringing a hard copy of what I can buy the ESP for at a discount and let the local dealer have a run .....No real HURRY does not have to be purchased when the truck is sold new.

Good Luck
Just a follow-up to the Ford ESP discussion earlier in this thread...

I am coming up on my first oil change at 5000 miles and wanted to make a decision on ESP. I was talking with a friend who has a "deluxe" maintenance plan w/oil changes built into the lease of his Honda minivan (remarkably the Honda dealer is the owner who bought out my Ford dealer in 2015) and thought this might be something to consider with this new PS 3.0L Diesel engine.

@kdjasper mentioned this FloodESP website which claims to sell certified Ford ESPs that are valid at any North American Ford dealer at prices significantly cheaper than what your dealer will quote you during the F&I process
  • They have pricing quote charts available if you plug in your vehicle info
  • They also have the Ford Protect ESP brochures available online
  • Unsure how/why Ford Corporate allows this (but I am not complaining now as it allows you to see what the mark-up is)

From the FloodESP website, I also noticed Ford offers an additional maintenance contract top of the Ford ESP that covers all fluids & filters as per maintenance schedule:
  • Oil and filters (5000/7500/10000 mile interval as options)
  • DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid every 5,000 miles)
  • Fuel filters (every 30,000 miles)
  • Air filters (every 30,000 miles)
  • Cabin filter (every 20,000 miles)
  • Coolant flush/fill (100,000 miles)
  • Windshield Washer Fluid

I have a pretty good relationship with my dealership/Service Manager and told him what I wanted:
  • Ford Protect only plans, specifically:
    - Ford Protect PremiumCare ESP
    - Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan ESP
    = not any 3rd party extended warrantees their dealership normally pushes as part of F&I process​
  • 8-year/100K option for both plans (don't expect to put more than 10K miles per year)
    - $0 deductible for Ford Protect PremiumCare ESP
    - Ford Motorcraft F150 Full Synthetic 5W-30 (XO5W30QFA) oil changes at 5000 mile intervals for the Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan ESP​
  • Willing to pay a fair price but not pay for any built-in dealer mark-up on the price for these plans
    - Use the FloodESP website to compare/challenge any quotes you receive (as @kdjasper explains above)
    - Would prefer to deal with my local dealer than FloodESP
    = Giving my local dealer an opportunity to win my business​

I left the dealership and got a call back within 30 minutes with price quotes for what I wanted and what would not be covered.
  • What exactly is covered is in the Premium Maintenance Plan link above = Pretty much everything
  • What's not covered?
    + Tires
    + Brake rotors
    + Battery​

While I won't go into exact pricing details here (as there are lots of combinations based on months/miles/intervals/deductibles), I will tell you what I learned:
  1. For the Ford Protect PremiumCare ESP, my dealer got pretty close to the Ford PremiumCare quote from the FloodESP website
  2. For the Ford Protect Premium Maintenance Plan ESP, my dealer didn't get close but this is probably due to my Full Synthetic Oil requirement
  3. I was able to take advantage of the 0% financing offer for ESP contracts after purchase that @kdjasper mentioned here:
Here is something I just noticed from the PremiumCARE ESP online brochure: "0% APR interest-free Installment Payment Plan with flexible payment options is available when the extended service plan is not included in the vehicle financing", so though to make everyone aware of this.
BUT there is a significant fee that the dealer incurs from the company (Budco Financial) underwriting the Installment plan (Don't ask me how I know this!:grin2:)

I realize that these options may not be financially viable for everyone, but my situation allowed me to splurge on this luxury = let the flaming begin!

Lessons to be learned:
  1. There is mark-up built into the pricing of both plans that your dealer may or may not be willing to negotiate
  2. You won't know until you ask for a quote and counter with the pricing from the FloodESP website to find out

Anyone who has questions on either of these plans or what I did when purchasing mine, please Private Message me via this forum to discuss.

Thanks to @kdjasper for this insight, as it did save me a significant amount, so much so that I may have never pulled the trigger on either of these ESPs.

Disclosure: I do not work for Ford nor do I get any form of compensation for promoting either of these plans
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with the powertrain only being 5 year or 60 thousand miles Ibought the Ford FloodESP plan, have it for 10 years or 100 thousand miles which ever come first.
@jamanrr & @jcav55 ... You guys must put lower mileage on your trucks to do 10yr/100K mile extended warranties. I will have 100K miles in under 5 years in my truck, as I have been averaging ~22K miles per year now for some time (and I have < 10 mile drive to work). I did do a 6yr/100K mile extended warranty on my 2010 F150, and had enough claims to recover the cost of the warranty, but my warranty ran out by mileage and not years, so if I bought an extended warranty on this 2018 I would be looking for the highest mileage option with year terms lining up with ~22K/yr. Something like 7-8yr/150K mile would be more fitting to my usage. That is the thing, everyones needs are different, so each of us needs to look at our average miles per year and make the best decision based on our own usage.

What I am not sure about yet is if I am going to end up doing a DPF+EGR delete on the truck in the future, and if I don't do that before 36,000 miles then I may purchase an extended warranty.
I wanted to keep the truck stock but yeah I probably will have a hundred thousand miles in 5 years but 60,000 miles is not long enough for the powertrain to end. If anything happens after 60 thousand miles then it is on them.
There seems to be some confusion on the engine warranty on our vehicles...

I will repeat what I stated previously:

My Service Manager confirmed the 100K Engine Warranty on the PS 3.0L Diesel -- he said all Ford PowerStroke engines are warrantied to 100K miles.
I dug thru the 2018 Ford Light Duty Truck Warranty PDF and found this chart that clearly states a 5yr/100K warranty on the PowerStroke Diesel engine.

If you have any questions, I would ask your dealer directly to verify your warranty before spending additional $$$ on an ESP you may not need.


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There seems to be some confusion on the engine warranty on our vehicles...

I will repeat what I stated previously:

I dug thru the 2018 Ford Light Duty Truck Warranty PDF and found this chart that clearly states a 5yr/100K warranty on the PowerStroke Diesel engine.

If you have any questions, I would ask your dealer directly to verify your warranty before spending additional $$$ on an ESP you may not need.

I believe the Ford window sticker over your service manager, maybe he can do something others can not, but no way, no how is the 3 liter baby stroke motor with its rubber timing chain belt covered by the gear driven 6.7 liter power-stroke warranty if it is/ was then it would be on the window sticker. I believe the window sticker as put out by the manufacturer (Ford) to be correct when it states 5yr/ 60 thousand mile warranty which is why I bought the Flood ESP which covers it for 100 thousand miles.

If the v6 Lion diesel motor had the power strokers broader 5 year 100 thousand mile warranty then it would state that on the window sticker-- federal law requirements state as much
this is my power-stroke 150s window sticker with the info on the warranty as you can see it is 5 yr 60 thousand miles on the powertrain


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The 2018 Ford Car and Light Truck Warranty Guide says we are good to go.


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@jmperlik and @Dunrollin wish it was true but you all would have to sue Ford to get them to cover this just because your owners manual which is printed for all F150/250 trucks does not make it so.

Trust me I wish but when all of our window stickers state 5yr/ 60,000 on them it will be a little hard for that to stand up in court and trust me I should know......

Good luck with your rides....
@jamanrr - I'm not disagreeing with you on what your Window Sticker shows, as mine shows the same thing, but I am questioning interpretation of all owner materials.

I did a little research on F250 SuperDutys on the Ford website and in that same section on Window Sticker, they do specifically list the 5yr/100K warranty for "Diesel Engine" on both Gasoline and Diesel F250s
=> This would seem to support your argument since the 5yr/100K is listed in the Warranty section of the Window Sticker regardless of Engine type for F250s
=> I have attached Window Stickers for the following:

  • 2019 Ford F250 w/6.2L V8 Gasoline Engine
  • 2019 Ford F250 w/6.8L V8 Diesel PowerStroke Engine
Here is my argument: Ford went out of their way to extend their PowerStroke branding down to this little Lion 3.0L "Baby PS" diesel
=> Ford is king of using brand for marketing
=> The Warranty Guide I linked to above covers all Ford trucks (excludes F650 and F750 + Hybrids + Electrics)
=> The Warranty Guide does not specifically exclude the F150 Diesel from their "blanket" 5yr/100K PowerStroke Diesel warranty
=> I am saving a copy of this PDF to my laptop hard drive now before they make any changes

Question to ask is: Did the geniuses in Ford Marketing organization actually sync up with the Service organization handling warranties to clarify where this engine lies?
My guess: Probably not

Without the explicit spelling out on the F150 Window Sticker, I think that the "blanket" PowerStroke Engine warranty in the Warranty Guide would prevail
=> If Ford doesn't want a 5yr/100K warranty on the F150 3.0 PS Diesel, then they should explicitly exclude this engine in the Warranty Guide
=> IANAL but I think this could be challenged in a court of law
=> I see this as an opening/opportunity for those F150 Diesels owners who haven't purchased an ESP

I'll retract my early position/posts, as
a.) There is a clear discrepancy between the F150 Diesel Window Sticker and the 2018 Ford Warranty Guide
b.) I already purchased a 8yr/100K extended warranty ESP
therefore I have no dog-in-this-fight.

I guess maybe what I should be trying say is that I think there is conflicting warranty information on our vehicles that some F150 PS owners might be able to parlay into an extended warranty for their engines.

For those owners who have not purchased an ESP, it might be an interesting question to pose to the Sales and Service departments at your dealership (and watch the blank stares ensue) to find out what Ford's official position is on this particular topic... (For anyone who does, please post back with your findings!)


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@jmperlik I have no doubt about what you are saying as I argued that with the finance guy that it should come with the 100k 6.7 liter PS warranty. However, when he showed me the window sticker, I knew right there that Ford would not cover anything on this engine past 60k and when they discounted the ESP I took it, The owners manuals are printed only once a model cycle and then revisions are inserted. I am certain that the revisions to that manual had not been made by the time the baby stroke launched. I went from a 6.2 liter Raptor to an FX4 PS 150, The Raptor manual was the same as the regular ole F150 except for a Raptor quick start setup guide to that particular model. I am surprised that Ford did not make a supplement F150 Powersroke guide which honestly this truck was rushed to market with little to no preparation in order to help Ford meet ever increasing CAFE numbers. No doubt in my mind that they let Ford Europe to design the motor off an existing design and rushed through to american assembly as evident from the number of recalls already issued.

I do not have a dog in this fight either since I have the ESP.. Don't have the time, energy nor money to sue Ford so maybe some of the owners that do can let us know how it works out for them.
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@jamanrr - thank you for sharing your interaction with the F&I manager when purchasing the truck, as this sheds some light on what the "official" answer might be. Based on your interaction, I can see why you are challenging my supposition. Very interesting that you were able to get a discounted ESP price with this single argument, as maybe this discrepancy is intentional? I do agree with you that the execution of bringing this truck to market has been less than flawless (see my original post on my 8 month wait time) and I know if Ford has a choice, they'd definitely be denying any engine warranty claims over 60K where ever possible for monetary reasons... I too was somewhat surprised at no separate F150 PowerStroke Diesel supplement/manual.

I could have sworn I read someplace else that at least the first model year (2018) of our F150 Diesels would come with the PowerStroke 5 yr/100K warranty:
- Link from @apex17's original post looks like it is a random keyword hyperlink than a specific URL
- I'm pretty sure I confirmed this with my Service Manager during my 8-month wait after ordering my truck

I do enjoy reading other members' stories/experiences on these forums, as it gives me additional information to "take on the Ford man" if/when necessary:
=> I think your story shows prospective buyers that they can use the potential lack of the PowerStroke Warranty to discount the cost (read: dealer markup) of the Ford ESP
=> I like to have as much info as possible like this when one is sitting in that dreaded F&I chair writing the "check" or signing one's name on the financing paperwork

I meant no ill will by my earlier posts and since we are both are fully covered by ESP, neither of us have a dog-in-this-fight and it's up to other F150 Diesel owners to:
a.) Find out (now or when the time comes) whether they have 5yr/60K (window sticker) vs 5 yr/100K (Warranty Guide) Engine warranty
b.) Use this tidbit to negotiate a better price for ESP at time of purchase

In general I think we (as F150 Diesel owners) are all-in-this-together for this first model year of the F150 Diesel, so we should try to share as much information and experiences as possible on these forums for existing owners or prospective buyers:
=> I try not to get into flaming wars (at least that was not my intent and I apologize if you took it that way)
=> I try to provide information I have found or share experiences I had to allow others to make better educated decisions (that is what I use forums for)

I did learn something today from your F&I experience that I would loved to have had when closing my deal, so thanks for sharing your story.

I think I've said as much as I can say on this topic, so I will be stepping back and letting those w/o ESPs figure out this engine warranty discrepancy and hopefully report back!
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Yeah it was no problem, I owned a 2011 Raptor since 2015, and was active on the Raptor forum during that time. Want to see a FLAME fest go over there and hang out for a while. I needed a mans truck not a sports car since I already have one and don't want my truck to be one. The thing that sold me on the Power-stroke F150 is the fact that it is a tried and tested Europe engine design as it is used in the Jaguar/ Range Rover models. Raptor owners are a different breed almost like Corvette. M series bimmer, or AMG Mercedes guys. They tend to not be truck people really and just use them for grocery things not truck things.

I did test drive the new Raptor but high boost and ten speeds of transmission made for a quick, jerky ride. It is nice to meet people who are more mature in their responses and not out to trash anything they don't agree with. I agree that the whole lot of us who bought and own these trucks are the first year testers for warranty, repairs and over maintenance of them.
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Everyone (especially those without ESPs) - I spoke with my Service Manager again today regarding my 5yr/60K (Window Sticker) vs 5yr/100K (Warranty Guide) confusion that I investigated over the weekend. He again reiterated the 5yrk/100K "blanket" PowerStroke Diesel engine warranty that he previous stated before.

To prove this, he brought me on his side on his desk and pulled up my VIN in OASIS (Internal Ford Service database that tracks all Ford/Lincoln/Mercury vehicles)
=> OASIS contains everything and anything regarding your vehicle
=> OASIS is what they use to determine what is and what is not covered by warranty

Not only did he show me the base warranty information for my VIN on his screen, but also printed off a copy of the OASIS report for my VIN (which I have annotated & attached below)
=> Note the 3.0L 4V DOHC V6 TC DSL-"LION" B engine circled in green
=> Every VIN should have the Base "Warranty Coverage" section highlighted in yellow
=> If you have any Extended Warranty (ESP) Plans, you will have the additional section highlighted in cyan at the bottom (which I have truncated)
=> PLEASE note the Engine Warranty of 5 yr/100K miles circled in red in the Base "Warranty Coverage" section for my 2018 F150 PowerStroke Diesel

What my Service Manager could not confirm is whether or not this 5yr/100K Engine Warranty was for 2018 first model year or for all F150 PS Diesel model years
=> Those owners with 2019 models should request to see the OASIS information for their VIN to confirm their Base Warranty Coverage for their engines
=> Anyone thinking about purchasing an ESP for any model year should request to see the OASIS information for their VIN to confirm their Base Warranty Coverage

Based on this information, I stand by my original claim that the Base Warranty Coverage for the 3.0L PowerStroke "Lion" Diesel Engine is 5yr/100K miles.

I hope this clears up any confusion I may have previously caused in this thread.


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You bet I am having them print mine out too! Thank you for the heads up!!!
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