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Pulled a U-Haul

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Just got back from a trip from Northern VA to Nashville towing 6x12 U-Haul that was about 75% packed on the way down. Entire trip was about 650 miles and the truck averaged about 17mpg. All in all I was impressed with the numbers and how well the truck pulled.
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That is definitely a strength of this 3.0 PS--towing. Good luck getting that mpg out of the non-diesel F150's on that 650 mile run, or any other non-diesel half-ton for that matter (thinking of @hydrex and his RAM EcoDiesel).
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I got 17 mpg , round trip of about 250 miles, half towing this: (boat mold 26 foot boat). The rest just towing the flat bed car hauler trailer. My last hemi Ram struggled to get 17 mpg empty. Would have done well to get 10 mpg for the trip. I drove at 65 mph empty and slowed to 60 loaded, as above 60 mph it started to lift the front of the trailer, above 70 felt a bit of tail wagging the dog. Load, itself was fairly light, 6,500 or 7,000 lbs and the little Ecodiesel didn't even know it was there. Certainly tows better than my hemi did with 3:92 gears.


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