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Question On The Titan XXL Install

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Hi All!

Just finished up my tank install the other day and flashed in the tank and the eTBM while I was there. Other than the distance units reverting to km, the FORScan update went pretty smooth. My question for those that have done this install is how long does it take the DTE to recalculate the tank range? When I first adjusted the code in FORScan after filling the tank, the DTE showed "875 mi to E" (full tank). Today, I took the truck up the road to my daughter's place, 60 miles away. On the drive up, the DTE fell off at a rather accelerated rate, roughly double the miles driven. Within seconds of hitting "799 mi to E," it reset to 850. On the ride home, it reset to 870 at about the same indication as the first reset. It reset one last time about 5 miles from home to "901 mi to E." I should mention the the gauge is still on full and the total distance is about 130 miles driven since the code update. Currently the "Average Economy" gauge (aka The Lie-O-Meter) is showing 23 mpg and the Trip 1 summary shows the economy at 22.8 mpg over 400 miles on the run. Just curious when I should expect this to settle down and get reasonably accurate.
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The same thing went on in my truck when the 40 gal. tank was installed, I would be driving after my fill up and the DTE would increase 100 miles or more. I just watch my fuel gage and did not relay on the DTE and filled the truck when fuel le vel wasat ¼ of a tank to go. I had my tank installed last October 2019 and I made one long trip with the truck 1500 miles round trip plus whatever local miles I put while I was there for a few weeks. At this time, I believe the DTE is correct. I do not have any more functionating with the DTE moving up and down. A few tanks of fuel is all it takes. I have never ran the tank down to show only 100 miles to go to empty.


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Thanks for the info justlucky. I see in the photo that yours gives 955 DTE. Will it actually show greater than 1k? I guess in the end I spent all this money to see greater than 1100 mi to E! Well, that and hopefully the ability to tow my boat 500 mi on a tankful.
@PercheNoir - here are my DTE experiences with my 40 gallon Titan XXL install:
  • DTE for first tank full of fuel after getting your 48 gallon Titan XXL tank installed will definitely be off, as it doesn't matter whether you make the FORScan change before or after
  • DTE will start working better on your 2nd tank and will "zero in" on subsequent refills, as the computer relearns DTE
  • Fuel gauge in IPC will linger near 100% full longer than it used to, but you will need to use this gauge near empty (still accurate because uses a float assembly) until DTE zeroes in
  • DTE gauge only uses 3 digits (999) when displaying miles but uses 4 digits (9999) when displaying kM (see comments from @kdjasper in master thread)
  • All of your questions have been answered in this master thread: Titan fuel tank on 5.5 short box powerstroke
Enjoy your new 48 gallon Titan XXL tank!
The pump shut off at 25 gal, before the tank was filled, it may have taken more
It will take a few tanks for the DTE to calibrate.
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