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Radio/CarPlay USB

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I have 133,000 miles on my F150 powerstroke. Best truck I’ve ever had. Today the USB ports in the front console stopped working. No charge or CarPlay. Has anyone seen this issue. Radio is fine but is bringing up a USB error message.
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Welcome and congrats on the 133,000 miles. Can you see if it has any codes stored? That can point you to the fuse, module or other point of issue. I found this about a 2016 with a similar issue:
The 2016 Ford F-150's USB port can stop working if the battery has recently been disconnected and reconnected. However, if Apple CarPlay is not functional as well, the port may have been shorted by a faulty cable connection. Under these conditions, Ford SYNC will shut down power to the USB port. To restore function, perform a master reset of Ford's SYNC by navigating through the central display's main menu. After a factory reset is initiated, turn the truck on and off to finish calibration. The SYNC fuse is located on the right hand side of the instrument panel and is a 15 amp plug numbered #2. Occasionally, ports need to be replaced and installing a new USB outlet might be necessary. The most probable cause is disconnected or shorted electrical connections behind the radio head unit itself. Have a professional examine the radio's wiring harnesses and connections for failure.
A few times mine has just disconnected Carplay, once on a trip where I was depending on the iphone's navigation. It came back next time I started it.

If you have any stored codes please post them here. Good luck on getting this behind you.
Wow! The master reset worked. And it was a pretty old phone charger I was using. Thank you!
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I'm glad you posted this because mine just did the same thing on the way to work today. I will try the master reset later. Thanks!!
@Mharter, unrelated, but you are 15,000 miles away from the recommended timing belt replacement. Just had one forum member who was unaware of this requirement and lost a timing belt/engine at 180,000 miles or so.
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