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Recall 19E04: PCM Reprogramming

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Has anyone else seen anything about the 19E04 recall? I had it pop up in Fordpass literally right before I dropped my truck off at the dealer to have the EGR replaced. Long story short they claim they did that one first and somehow spent the entire day doing it, only to then find they didn't have all the parts they needed for the EGR so I've been out a truck going on day 3 waiting on parts...
All the app says is that it is a PCM reprogramming. Not sure how that could take an entire day, I think my dealer just sucks.
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My dealer also had to order the block heater cord for recall 19G01 and then forgot to call me when it came in.

Just curious, why you are just getting the EGR replacement done now ? :confused:
Just curious, why you are just getting the EGR replacement done now ? :confused:
Well it is a combination of issues. I bought the truck used and from the history I see in carfax it bounced from dealer to dealer, none of which were Ford dealers for several months. I bought it in August and called my local dealer right away. Due to the lingering effects of Hurricane Michael last year my dealer is short staffed (or so they told me, the people scheduling service have no clue the urgency of the recall). This was the earliest they could supposedly get me in, fortunately I haven't had any problems with it but it is still irritating when they knew for 3+ months I was getting it done and they are short on parts...

If they give me a printout of the other recall I will post it up for everyone. Supposed to get the truck back today, we'll see.
Well they didn't give me a printout on this one but it is just a reprogram of the PCM so shouldn't take long for others.
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