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Scan gauge 3

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Hello all, I Just finished reading an older post from 2020 on scangauge 2.
I have been looking at the scan gauge 3 since edge no longer supports the 3.0.
Is anyone using the SC3?
The older chat on SC2 made it sound like they were having trouble with regen time and percent full.
I am looking for an option other than forscan as all I want to do is see DPF levels and when it goes into regen., so I am not shutting down in the middle of a regen. I am disappointed that Ford didn’t give us the option to see regen status. I am driving a 2020 3.0. 25k miles.
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I’m using a SG2 and prob that was me in the previous posts. I worked with scangauge and they have provided several xgauge enhancement that you have to enter yourself. I have a 2018. You now can get DPF percentages, yes or no if in a regen, and several other gauges specific to the 3.0. Was unaware there is a SG3 — I’ll have to check that out.
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