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Scangauge II - Who's Using?

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Everyone has been so helpful on this forum so thought I'd try another question. Prior to me getting the FORSan up and running (Thanks jmperlik for instructions and thanks Sholtzj for the info on the OBDLink EX and discount (RCDECUMX) at scantool.net) I have several scangauges that I use in other vehicles. So took the one with the latest firmware (4.05) and x-gauge programmed it for DPF Regen Status (On/Off), DPF Soot Load (%), Average Distance Between DPF Regenerations (Miles) and Distance Since Last DPF Regen (Miles). Now don't understand what I'm seeing. The only one that makes any sense is the Regen on/off (RGN) … it is showing ON and switches to OFF when I close the throttle. So I'm assuming I'm in a Regen and drove it approx. 20 miles but it never switched to OFF except when I closed the throttle. Also, there is the cloud like thing/illustration below the DEF gauge that I also think designates I'm in a regen. Any thoughts on this?

The other functions; soot load (STL), avg distance between DPF Regen (AVD), and Dist since last Regen (DST), did not make any sense. They changed constantly with changes in the throttle. Soot load was way above 100% (and changed with throttle) so must not be reading correctly. The scangauge website indicates you need firmware 4.22 or higher, so since I have 4.05 assume that could be my issue. Those of you that have updated scangauges, what are you seeing for these X-gauge functions? Thanks in Advance.

2018 King Ranch, 3.0 Diesel
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@Milehghcty - it took a little digging, but I now see on ScanGauge website where you found Firmware 4.22 level or higher required to support our Ford 3.0L PS Diesel engines

Just for those ScanGauge owners who don't know how to find this info, I am duplicating here what I documented in At What Soot Load Do You Typically Regenerate? post
=> See the 3.0L & 3.2L Diesel section of the X-Gauge Commands online documentation
=> Note the red 4.22+ Required in the Notes column for every row
=> Guessing that if you had bought your ScanGauge prior to 2018, you are most likely back-level on your ScanGauge firmware level and need to upgrade

Full disclosure: I don't personally own any ScanGauge product, but I do work in the IT industry and very familiar with how H/W firmware levels work

I am willing to work with @Smokewagun and you to map the X-Gauge codes to FORScan PIDs, but I think one of you will need to be at 4.22 or higher before we attempt anything...
Timely response jmperlik.

I did return 2 of my scangauges to Linear Logic since my original post to update to the latest firmware … believe it was v4.52. Just got them back yesterday. Programmed their x-gauge commands for EOT engine oil temp, RGN dpf regen status, STL dpf soot load %, AVD average distance betweem dpf regens, DST distance since last dpf regen miles, and OIL engine oil level %. Was able to drive it for about 15 miles today and do not think their x-gauge settings are correct. Most didn't read anything.
1. The RGN always read OFF -- which could be correct as before I sent the gauges back to them for updating, it always read ON.
2. The AVD continuously read 295. Didn't change … not sure if this is correct or not … could be. Before returning for firmware update the reading was all over the place … always changing depending on throttle.
3. The EOT always read 158. From start to shutoff … now I now the engine oil temp had to change during this time so this can't be reading correctly.
4. The DST was always blank. Don't think this is correct.
5. The OIL was always blank. Since this measures engine oil level % this isn't correct … I know it has oil!!
6. The STL was always blank. This can't be correct, as should show some kind of soot level percentage.

I revalidated that I put all the codes in correctly per info for a 3.0 and 3.2 Diesel. » Ford – Lincoln – Mercury

I'll try and provide this feedback to Linear Logics as perhaps they don't have their programming correct.
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@Milehghcty - disappointing... You paid good $$$ for their firmware upgrade and things are still not right...

You said in your original post that you have FORScan installed and operational? May I suggest using the Monitoring part of FORScan to monitor the same PIDs/metrics?
If you follow the instructions in Using FORScan for Monitoring post, you should be able to find the same PIDs that correlate to the X-gauge codes; e.g.
=> DPF_RGEN_AVD = AVD (Average Distance between DPF Regens)
=> DPF_RGEN_STAT = RGN (Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration Status)

Here is a sample of the DPF-related PIDs that I usually monitor via FORScan and actual values from my truck:
=> DPF_RGEN_STAT is always OFF (even when I know I am in Active Regen based on EGTs) so that is the only PID I think is actually "broken"
=> DPF_RGEN_AVD (in green) is the average of the last five (5) DPF Regeneration Events (in aqua)
===> It should not be fluctuating based on throttle input (what you saw before firmware upgrade)
===> I doubt you are averaging 295 miles for your last 5 Active Regens unless you tell me all your do is highway driving
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I agree that the values you are seeing in ScanGauge after the firmware upgrade are not correct -- Let us know how Linear Logic handles this. If they don't believe you, your can send them FORScan screen captures (like mine above) from your truck, as I would believe the truck (and what FORScan is reporting) before believing your ScanGauge at this point.
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Unfortunately, I do not have FORScan up and running yet. Haven't purchased the required OBDLink or FORScan software. I still trying to wrap my head around it I can successfully use it without messing something up.

I do like the screenshot you provided of the DPF related PIDS … it shows the information is definitely in there … just need to get the scangauge to reveal it.

I did already send a message to Linear Logic and with my issues. Hopefully in the near future I'll hear back from them.
@Milehghcty - OK, sorry, I must have missed the "Prior to me getting" now that I have gone back and re-read your original post

Just to clarify. you can do FORScan monitoring without messing anything up (I promise):
=> FORScan Monitoring = Read-Only (R/O) monitoring via ODBii port using laptop or iOS device
=> FORScan Programming = Read/Write (R/W) programming where you are altering pre-programmed values from the factory

If you use an iOS device for monitoring, there is no way to alter/program using iOS (Windows-only for FORScan programming)

Granted this means buying more H/W so now I understand your approach of using the ScanGauge(s) you had already purchased = makes sense if the firmware upgrade worked!

Again disappointing that the ScanGauge firmware upgrade you paid for offered no relief....
Just an update. I've had several emails with Linear Logic. They had me try x-gauge commands for the 6.7 diesel and they also didn't work. Of the six x-gauges I tried, the only one that works is the RGN that shows the regen on or off. The soot level % shows numbers but don't think they are correct. Fluctuates a lot, but never gets to 100% (highest I've seen is 65) and I have been through several regens in the past 700 miles. All the other standard commands (I think about 20 or so) do work. since the gauge shows 4 functions, I've settled on coolant temp, volts, regen, and the STL ( which I don't think is correct but still watching it).

I think Linear Logic has given up as haven't heard from them in a week.
Just another update. Linear Logics sent me a data logger module. Requested that I plug into my OBDII and run the vehicle for at least 30 minutes, then send it back if a self addressed box. So today I drove over an hour which should give them the data they need to get the correct commands for the x-gauge functions. I've got to say that Linear Logic has been responsive. We'll see how long it takes them to give me the new commands to test.
I have a Banks iDASH I use
Never heard of Banks iDASH so googled it. Nice!! Sure does show most everything you'd want to know. What functions do you normally monitor? Do you use the window suction holder or a gauge in the pillar?
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