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Skipping 2nd Gear?

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Hello, new to this- and the truck! So after 4000 miles and one oil change I am going nuts trying to understand why my truck always skips second gear. That is upshifting or downshifting. Only in tow/haul or Sport mode will it ever go into second gear on it's own. That is unless you manually shift it. I have accelerated hard, on flat, up steep hills and even limping along in traffic. If it is in normal drive mode it goes 1st to third no matter what.

Is this normal or should I bring it in for service?

BTW- Thanks to all who made comment on the oil type and weight. That really helped!

Thanks- Brian
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No worries, it’s the normal shift pattern for the selected drive modes. I’ve only seen 2nd on mine once or twice in normal or eco mode, and it was when I let off the gas right at the top of the RPM range where the truck was about shift up. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but it also tends to skip another one - maybe 4th - under constant acceleration. Symptoms of normal operation 👍🏻
Mine does the same thing. Ford dealer says this is normal operation to go 1>3>5. I have noticed a slight hesitation coming out of 3rd gear if it's the first drive of the day or after the truck has sat for a few hours. I've seen other posts on that, but my dealership says there's no issues. Something I'm keeping an eye on and will continue to document with them.
Yeah normal acceleration just skips this gear as it's not needed when empty. tow haul mode hits it i believe. Also if you accelerate extremely slowly it will go into 2nd, or if you're in stop and go traffic i've seen it hit 2 a couple times. depends on what you're doing I guess.
Thanks everyone for the comments! And sorry for the late reply, lost my password! Makes me feel better that this is normal.
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