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So you want Ford to buy your truck back...

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As you may remember way back in April I filed a case with BBB to initiate a buy back. We loved our new truck and still miss it but every once in a while issues crop up that qualify to be considered for a buy back. Of course this is rare but it happens. Since the process takes so long we went ahead and replaced our truck last month and now we have a wonderful Ruby Red 2018 Platinum.

Below is the timeline. I offer it here just to show what a long and emotional road it is to go through this. BTW everyone at Ford we dealt with was pleasant but it is such a huge organization that nothing moves fast. In fact they still owe us a refund on a payment or two and we will wait another month to begin the calls again for that. Who knows- they might surprise me and it could happen before then! Well, it could.

Here is the timeline.

Case filed April 15, 2019

Ford agreed to repurchase May 3, 2019

Formal offer signed and returned June 12, 2019

Truck surrendered: May 30, 2019

Payment check received July 10, 2019 . This was our "down payment" or equity. We still had an outstanding loan to be paid off and still have to cancel insurance.

July 29. Ford says Ford Credit was paid off last Fri. Ford Credit agreed but says I won't get any official confirmation till next week. Fortunately this was good enough for our insurance co so we are almost done!

While this seemed like forever to us I have read of much worse timelines, so all is well that ends well. I was very impressed with the BBB Auto Line who handled the case for us.
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@Dunrollin - thanks for documenting the timeline for us Doug -- Glad to hear you have things almost resolved and just waiting for the paperwork to be finalized in their systems.
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What kind of problems did you have with your truck
@Sledhunter It was great until it went in for the egr recall. They kept it 4 days and when I got it back it had multiple issues, bucking and throwing codes. I looked at the repair and saw a mess- dangling wire harnesses, the dipstick was flopping around, the fuel rails were flopping also, so I took it in. Long story short they never could get things right. It only had about 3,000 miles.

I loved that truck, love my new one as well. Bottom line if it ever happens to you is document every point along the way, who you talked to, what was said, all repair tickets and so forth I noticed one time they kept it a few days but the ticket only showed 1 day.
sounds like a dealer service issue to me..
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