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SSM 49217: Mirror Click And/Or Ratcheting Noise

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So, this was something that has been happening to my truck for quite some time. Occasionally when I would remote start or remote unlock the vehicle the Driver or Passenger mirror would randomly power all the way down and click like it was trying to reset. Sometimes it would return to the preset and other times it would stay pointed down making me reposition it for viewing.

I figured this was just an annoyance but after some research there is an SSM out there for 2015-2020 Edge/MKX/Nautilus/F-150/Mustang for Mirror Click And/Or Ratcheting Noise on those vehicles built on or before 18 Jan 2020.

Here is the SSM and I attached the PDF as well:
Terrestrial plant Font Screenshot Number Document

I have not had the fix completed yet, and since I am out of my 3yr/36,000 mile warranty I may not have it done at all unless they will do it as part of the extended warranty I purchased. I just wanted to let anyone else out there know in case others experienced the same issue.


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This is perfect thanks! I don't use memory functions due to this problem.
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