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Static regeneration through FORScan

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I have used ForScan to enable OCR and changed all the settings associated and have confirmed I can indeed uncheck and check the Auto Regen checkbox. I wanted to run a static regen through ForScan but there is not the option of Static Regen under Services within the ForScan app? I am running 2.3.34 Beta. Also have read the hood needs to be up, parking brake set etc and have tried these parameters without success although other threads seem to indicate none of those is necessary. Anything I may be missing?
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Asked another way, has anyone successfully kicked off a manual re-gen through ForScan? The option does not show up for me?
Current guesses are that it can't be done. Sure wish it could.
Interesting. The ability for the OCR setting would indicate the ability to kick it off somehow, must just be a ForScan issue perhaps. Thanks for the reply. I have it posted over on the ForScan forum as well although nobody has hit on it.
For anyone that is interested, I am working with ForScan team to enable this functionality for our 3.0 Powerstrokes. They sent me a test version to use and yesterday I was able to manually run a Regen service which lasted about 25 minutes. The version allows you to monitor the progress showing you the temperatures etc as well as ensuring the truck is the right configuration to run the Manual Regen. It wants you to have the hood open, the coolant temperature to be above 154 degrees. During the run, my exhaust temperatures exceed 1000 degrees so you REALLY want to have it outside away from anything while running. My aftermarket exhaust (Magnaflow) did fine although I was concerned that it may not like that much heat. I also monitored to some degree the plastic trim pieces around the exhaust etc which seemed to be just fine although you could definitely smell the heat if that makes sense. Overall pretty cool. HTH
@Crsavage1 Thanks! That is great news and I will be following this. In the Coffee Table book about our engines the following is shown about regen:
Manual Regeneration

The scan tool can be used to perform a manual regeneration of the DPF to clean the system. The manual DPF Regeneration can be performed in a stationary location or can be run while driving the vehicle, if needed, to try to reproduce customer issues. The Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) may illuminate when service or maintenance of the DPF is necessary.

CAUTION: The manual regeneration of the DPF produces high temperatures in the exhaust system. Due to high exhaust gas temperatures, always follow the Workshop Manual Cautions, Warnings, and procedures when performing a manual DPF regeneration.

Frequency of Regeneration

The mileage between regenerations varies significantly, depending on vehicle usage.

Post Regeneration

After regeneration, the PCM reads the pressure at the DPF pressure sensor and compares it with a calibrated value. From this comparison, the PCM determines the ash quantity inside the DPF.

Non-Burnable Ash

Over time a slight amount of non-burnable ash builds up in the DPF which is not removed during the regeneration process. Ash comes from the fuel, oils and other materials that remain after the DPF regeneration process. The DPF may need to be removed for ash cleaning and replaced with a new or remanufactured part.
Handle the DPF with care. Dropping the DPF may cause internal damage.
Note where I made bold. The Ford tech can set this to be done either in place as you described or while on the road. This is all very interesting. This would require the hood down if forscan can duplicate what the techs can do.

Again, great info and thanks for all you and the forscan guys are doing!
Not sure this is entirely true..the tool clearly states that if you push either the accelerator or brake pedal, you immediately stop the service run and the regen stops. Ford may have a specific way to run the Manual Regen while driving the vehicle but this is not possible (today) with the ForScan tool and I believe that applies for the 6.7L guys as well. There is some debate whether the hood HAS to be open or whether just a suggestion to allow the engine to breathe better which is the info it provides for service set-up. We are working through an issue where you can only successfully initiate the Manual Regen without using an existing vehicle profile. Once we get through that findings may include that you don't need the hood up, or the parking. brake set (another "rumor"). The tool DOES ensure you are meeting certain critiera, fuel level, coolant temperature, existing EGT and a couple of other ones. The ForScan folks usually respond overnight and they have been awesome in helping enable it and looking though the logs so I would guess by the end of the week the version will be available. If I hear anything else I will throw it in this thread...
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So good news, this feature is now available in the 2.3.35 and 2.4.1 versions of ForScan. If you have any issues with the Profile of the truck throwing it off, delete all previous profiles and create new and it should solve any issues with setting off the Manual Regen. Hope this helps!
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@Crsavage1 Thanks! I have the newest version 2.3.35 and extended license, not sure where to find the items that need changed? Could you help on that, I don't want to screw anything up. Thanks
I found it! In the service procedures, duh! Anyway, seems like it will work for me- I didn't do it but it is ready, sure appreciate your help on this.

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Sure. The steps I took were to follow the following thread to enable OCR and enable the checkbox that actually allows you to change the box to keep the truck from auto regen which for me was a nice choice due to being able to control when it regens during normal driving. I don't know if this is required to kick off a manual regen but I did it to gain a little control. The following thread will walk you through the specifics and the changes needed, they are pretty straight forward.

Once you open ForScan and let the profile load and detect all the modules, you can click on Services and the second or third choice should be to kick off a manual regen. A warning/information screen will appear directing you to be outdoors, suggestions around opening the hood etc. You click "Ok" again and the tool will check conditions of the truck to ensure certain criteria are met. Coolant temp needs to be above 154 degrees, it will check fuel levels, current EGT etc and you will see the boxes change from green to red as it checks off conditions. Should any of the conditions fail, it will remain red, the service will interrupt and it will specify which condition was not met. Assuming everything is green, the truck will kick into the cleaning. Immediately the RPM's will increase to just under 2000, EGT which is displayed while the test is running will begin to increase and the truck will remain in this condition for about 22 minutes or so. The tool will say 35 minutes but it was not quite that long. The tool will count the percentage complete as it goes and once complete, the truck will idle down and it will inform you that further cleaning can continue for an additional 2 minutes if left to idle as the truck is already at temperature.

One finally note, the tool recommends to shut off everything electronic. Radio, AC etc. I think the intent is to lessen the load on the truck but not sure of the specifics. I tried to look that up but didn't find much, but I followed it's advice and shut everything off in mine while it ran. It will be a bit surprising when it kicks off. It's loud and it's certainly breathing hard but overall everything I have read indicates this is very healthy for the exhaust system every once in awhile.

Of course, YMMV...but those are the basics. Let me know if there is confusion etc.
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A slight edit...the boxes change from red to green as it checks the conditions. I said it backwards above.
Thanks! This is great info.
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