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This oil was put in my truck

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This is what was put in my truck at the oil change place..will it be ok of do i need to add any additive or drain it..Thanks


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Last time I went to the dealer they refused to use the full synthetic diesel 5-40 for extreme/biodiesel use. Even after I showed them the manual, they said they could not do it. :rolleyes: I guess I need to give them credit they figured out it was a baby powerstoke. The next day I went to quick lube run by the same dealer. They did it no problems with my requested oil.
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Drain immediately and replace with required Diesel engine oil.

Pray to God no engine damage was done, otherwise your Quick-change business will be on the hook for a new engine. Oil Change tech probably didn't know that they made an F150 Diesel, even though the engine badges on the side indicate it's a PowerStroke Diesel....
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The same thing happened to me - I went and got another oil change done as soon as I became aware they used oil meant for gas engines... to help prevent it from ever happening again I only work with 1 service writer so he's familiar with me, my vehicle and the fact that it has a 3.0L powerstroke motor. I also make a point to check the part no. of the oil they use every time I go in for service; I don't leave the place unless it matches the part no. for the proper oil. Haven't had the problem since. Hope that helps, amigo.
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OMG. I’d be back at the Dealer that did that, make them redo the oil and filter change with the correct oil. And adding a notation on the service order about the wrong oil being used in case of problems down the road. That being said, unless your going to be driving a lot of miles between, I wouldn’t worry to much.
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I’ve had nothing but trouble having someone else put oil in my vehicles. Had shoulder surgery so I couldn’t change one car and when I finally was able to change it, the filter was almost loose enough to fall off. My wife’s caddy had free oil changes for 3yr 50,000 miles. Noticed I had an oil spot in the garage. Loose oil plug.
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I lost an engine about 35 years ago due to a "professional" oil change gone wrong; it was literally the first and only professional oil change that car had ever had in 100,000 miles of operation. I have never had anyone outside of my immediate family change the oil on our vehicles since.

During a visit to my sister earlier this year, I was helping her our with a winter wheel/tire changeout on her Mazda MX-5 (she is mechanically declined).

While the car was jacked up, I noticed three engine underbody shield bolts about ready to come out. On closer inspection, the remaining 8 were missing. A few months prior, she had an oil change at a professional shop (not a Jiffy Lube) and paid a professional rate. The result was not what I would have expected. To their credit, they replaced the bolts immediately, but it didn't do much to make me rethink my insistence on changing my own oil.
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I found the mythical 0W-40 at a Canadian Tire both in Prince George, British Colombia and in Whitehorse, Yukon Territories. This was all the oil I had room for. I will be using this from December through March. If any of you are near a Canadian Tire, they look to have a lot of Rotella T6. I counted roughly 18 5-gallon pails of 5W-40 in Whitehorse.
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