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Hi all,

New member but I've been pushing this truck since I bought it ('19). Never owned a truck before and was pulled into offroading almost immediately after purchase. Im posting here now for two reasons:

1. To entertain folks with the amount of resources I've spent trying to make this truck off-road capable
2. Understand the performance limitations and risks of using software to push this engine

My off-road experience living in Georgia has maxed out at Beasley Knob (body damage but hardest trail in the SE) and in FL in Ocala (dirt roads at 80 mph + whoops until I smashed a hole in my decked w cooler, etc in bed).

My setup is extensive, it's honestly a bit ridiculous (actually dumb) for a truck built to tow:

1. ICON stage 4 front and rear suspension (2.5 in diameter with resi), delta UCA
2. RPG tie rods
3. Rocky Road custom rock sliders
4. ADD front, Road Armor back (with a winch that I bought after getting stuck in no man's land)
5. 35in geo mt on 701 method wheels
6. Too much to list for tent/rack/drawers etc

The aftermarket for this truck is surprisingly extensive.

My biggest issue so far has been burning out the steering rack, and my MAF sensor may be going out. I also have a leaking front differential but luckily under warranty.

Thank you for reading to this point, my next step is likely modifying my ECU, etc. I would love to put the truck on a diet, but I just can't do the black smoke. I've seen GDE mentioned on here alot, everyone's thoughts?

If you have any questions at all about any mods for this truck I've likely made all of the mistakes so pls don't hesitate to ask.

Really looking forward to hearing some insight around the tuning aspect of this engine and what I can expect.


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