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2019 3.0L KR 4x4
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Hey PS family!

Just hit 50k miles on my ‘19 KR. Dropped the unicorn off at dealer this morning(Fort Lauderdale). $1818…ouch

Transmission filter & fluid ($900)
Both differentials
Transfer case

I put some new Michelins LTX on last month, did front rotors and all new pads. 5100 Bilsteins up next to raise the front….a few other tweaks coming. Will post pics when done.

My mileage has really dropped last few tanks. 22-23 mpg at best….changed my fuel filters last April at 44k miles. chatting with service writer this morning: mentioned city driving bad for regen and possibly dirty throttle body? Can anyone educate me on the regen issue and does this engine have a serviceable throttle body/plate?

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@FUGAZI - most comprehensive thread on the effect of city driving on regens & oil change intervals:

Stuck in Regen???

Very long read but you can see how we slowly figured out what is going on....
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